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what do you do?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by oldmantestes, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. what do you guys do when you're high/intoxiacted? i usually just sit and watch winamp visualizations. what about you?
  2. Chill on a comfy couch, vaguely focus on what's on TV and chill out.

    I know some athletic stoners, they get high and all pumped to go out and ride their bikes or run around, I've never gotten those kind of ideas when I'm stoned...
  3. Depends on the type of high I'm on...if I'm by myself, I usually write a song or even record (I rap and sing :p) or sometimes I just lay down and sort out all the aspects (mainly problems) of my life...and by the time I come down I feel like everything is right and I know exactly what to do...even after the high's completely gone, it's great :) But if I'm with friends, then I like to cruise around and just do stuff, have fun = ]
  4. i have to say that my favorite thing to do is go to a movie...i just get so in to the movie i'm's really awesome, especially if it's action or something with awesome effects. but, that being said, i don't actually make it out often once i'm high...just being with the people that are most important to me is so great when i'm high...laughing at stupid things and eating lucky charms...or even discussing calculus problems, as one of my friends is prone to doing. so...there you just do whatever makes you happiest, and i'm gonna do the same :)
  5. what i normally do is hang around with my friends doing whatever. playing video games, drinking and smoking more, making awesome bongs and so on.
    but in terms of goign to the movies like suggested earlier, fuck yeah! i saw the butterfly effect the other day ripped off my ass and that is one of the best movies ive ever seen i na longggg time.
  6. I like walks at night, under the stars, down on the beach... I'm a sensitive guy who likes to smoke, uh wait, never mind that.

    I like to walk at night though, which is why I like to roll J's at night and smoke them while I walk.

    Then I come back and buy something small for my munchies and just chill with some friends or whatever. I'm pretty random about it.
  7. i just do whatever comes and it will always make me happy and it will be funner than it really is... or i watch a movie...
  8. My "circle" and I usually just sit back, and watch adult swim, while shootin' the shit, so to speak.

    great times.
  9. chill out, play video games, read books, listen to music

    anything i'd do sober really
  10. I'd say all of the above. I love going to movies, watching movies, watching Adult Swim (that stuff is the greatest, especially when you're high), spacing out with random stuff is cool to. So is writing poetry and creating other art related things, like paintings, or my favorite, sculptures. Clay is the shit when you're stoned. I also worked out when i was high once, but it was only fun cuz i was with my friends and music like eye of the tiger was playing. That's also why i joined in. Eye of the tiger came on and i felt obligated. Also, a few things that aren't here yet are going out on my roof and chillin looking at the stars and trees (the window in my room goes right over the roof of my garage, makes a great place to smoke and chill), and of course, play GTA3. When i play GTA3, i just drive around and make up a story to go along w/ all the crashes and mistakes i'm making so that they are deliberate. Fun shit man, fun shit.
  11. If I'm alone, just sit on the computer doing random things. If I'm with friends, I like to do something cause sitting around is boring then. If I'm at work, I'll just chill in the c02 fill place (I work at a paintball place), and listen to music.
  12. just listen to some music and sing to it. play video games. eat. take a walk to think. light some incens and meditate or just chill with my friends
  13. EAT! me and my friends go to sonic and eat. i also love to ride in the back of my friends truck (in the bed) when hes goin, and i always have a really deep conversation with who evers back there. its the most relaxing thing ever. we also go to the beach and chill, smoke blacks out on the pier, smoke blacks out by this waterfall in this park. that kinda stuff. high times with ur friends like those are the best times of ur life.
  14. i mostly eat and watch cartoons for a lil then go screw around on the computer and listen to music also i love cooking while high cuz i always end up makein sumthin really cool and REALLY good thats when i smoke alone and when im w/ friends we usually just go somewhere or go 4 high rides and stuff

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