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What do you do with your resin?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by AmsterdamdreamN, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. When I clean out my pipes or bong, I always get quite a bit of resin. There have been a few times I have been desperate enough, to smoke it, and I don't think I got much of anything off of it. I had a friend who said he'd smoke it if I saved it for him. He moved a while back, but for some reason, I can't keep from saving it still. I have been saving it for a little over 3 years. lol. Now I got this big ol black clump of resin about the size of a baseball. I have a few friends who say it won't give you any kind of buzz, while other friends say it will. Like I said, the few times I've tried to smoke it, I got a little something but not much. The one thing I do know, is that it tasted like poo-doo. So tell me now, does anybody else smoke their resin when they're desperate enough? Or am I the only who's tried it? Does anybody know, if you smoke enough, will it do much? Just wanting a few opinions. Thanks
  2. Rezin gets me high as hell
    You gotta let that shit sizzle
  3. throw it away and buy more skunk.
  4. make a small ball and mix it in with some makes your bud last longer, and keep burning...and it gets me fucked up high as hell.
  5. that shit is pure tar (read: real bad for you lungs)
  6. there is THC in it... but probably not that much. i smoke it occassionally, and if i have enough it does get me pretty high.

  7. That's about all it's
  8. the thing is, thc is sticky, so i think theres usually a lot of thc in resin, because ive been completely fried off of resin hits plenty of times

  9. thank you!! I do the same! norm, I told you I was in your head ;)
  10. If you do burn the resin, do it out of a waterpipe. Resin will still FUCK you up (especially resin from chronic-only pieces), but the water will help cut back the harshness. There are few hits that tear your lungs up as bad as a phat resin hit.
  11. I geuss I'll have to keep my glob o' resin. Since it might come in handy later. (Dear Lord.... PLEASE Don't ever let me get THAT desperate! lol.) I really hated to throw it away, since this is one of my first hobbies that I'm actually pretty good at. If it wouldn't have been any good as a head changer, I was trying to think of things I could mold and carve it into. Man I have got to get a life.... It's pretty sad, when your best collection is a ball of resin.

  12. take namrons advice
  13. SMOKE IT ...
  14. after several replies..heres my take on it..

    you guys smoke weed...right?

    when did you start worrying about your lungs?

    unless those of you that said somethin about it being bad for you only smoke out of bongs or vaporizers solely..i dont want to hear it..

    just my two cents.

    SMOKE IT!!
  15. i would smoke it ... but if u got a clump of it ... break them up into small cubes .. and sell them ... i wounder how much a newb would pay for a little cube of res ...
  16. I agree with namron. I can't find info right now on whats in resin and whatnot but i here are my thoughts on resin.

    Resin will only be as good as the bud it accumulated from. If the pipe its been scraped from hold alot of moisture that seems to negetively affect it. Smoke it in a waterpipe 'cause its usually moist and won't hit good until it stops sizzlin and dries out. You can definitly get a decent stone off quality resin.

    I think that resin is a build up of the 'oils' from the plant that haven't fully combusted during the smoking process. [That and carbon:( ] it would seem likely that it would contain THC but less likely any of its precursor(?) Cannabinoids. Since a chemical change(the burning) has occured it probably contains alot more cannabinoids that thc decomposes into. Since fire effectively changes the molecular compounds, some we've come to know the names of, there would have to be some difference it the composition of resin as opposed to whole cannabis. But keep in mind if you smoke marihuana cessation then those are the same molecules that you inhale onto the walls of your lungs and then absorb into your bloodstream producing the effects of smoking. Hmmm

    My question is this: Can one collect resin for cannabutter or other solvents and ingest it? But all i can find is threads w/ posts from children who don't know what resin is; think its gross, stinky, nasty, taste like poo; or is just so beneath them and their never-ever've-run-outta-weed awesomeness.

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