what do you do with your extra roaches?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by brian8472, Oct 3, 2003.

  1. wondering what are all those extra roaches good for? for me i save em up till i got about 400 then mak oil or i smoke a few on a roach clip or pipe
  2. might i suggest, removing the paper, crumbling the 400 roachweed remainings left, and rolling a superjoint.


    haha, j/k
  3. I just toss them in a pipe.
  4. i smoke em !!! i don't think i could stand to see all my roaches piling up and not smokin em:D!!
  5. This is what you do with them......find me, and give them all to me.
  6. smoke what ever im smoking down to as far as i can then toss it... the less evidance the better...:D
  7. smoke em in a chillum...
  8. I'm old. I grew my first plants in 1978 or so and I was already grown then.
  9. It all depends..... When smoking at home I save them so i have something to smoke when i am dry *which rarly happens* so I end up saving them till i get enough for a joint or Blunt. When smoking with a crowd I just pop them in a bowl or smoke them till theres nothing there *cuz if its still smoking then i can get higher* On a rare session for attenion ill just eat it.....
  10. Bin them???
  11. I usually just save em till I'm dry...i just put em in my altoids tin with the shake.
  12. I've got a sliced pimento jar which is just a tiny thing. I put my roaches in it and then when I finish a sack I smoke any roaches in a generation j. Occaisionally in the bong.

  13. noooo save them up and even if there small ive made 2nd generation joints with 5 small lil roaches so imagine i got about 200 right now i could make alot of fucking sweet joints with them lol but what i wanna do is save up 1000 of em and then roll em into 2nd generation joints, then use those roaches to make a third gen joint and then use those, to make 4th generation joints and then my friends with whatever is left make a sweet 5th generation blunt o ya baby i wanna have this done by next year for my bday :D

  14. Please try 1965....
  15. I live in place where there is hardly any grass and a whole lot of hash so I dont have roaches anymore, only sticks of hash. When i used to live in chicago we had all kinds o grass and hardly any hash. When I used commodity sales to produce free commodities for myself I gave my roaches to whoever wanted them of the people i was smoking with. At other times when i felt the commodities market was too risky to enter I saved all of the roaches in a tin to keep smell down. Once a month I would bring the roaches to add to the session already planned with my buddies. Then we would sit back, watch the wrestling or football, smoke a fat bag, and put all of the old roaches through the bong.

    When on extended one to 4 week long roadtrips roaches can be good things to save for rolling into the last joint of the day.
  16. about generation joints once you smoke a J and roach it is all the weed inside the roach good or just the slightly chared stuff?
  17. this is what i always do, i save ever roach after a night and throw em in the bong the next day for a nice wake n bake.. i usualy have about 5-8 roaches in the morning so im set for atleast the morning

  18. It has tons of resin kind of like a bowl the more smoke that goes through it the more sticky the end bud gets...
  19. We'll putting them in a bong works for me.
  20. I used to have the "eternal" joint...I'd save the roach, unroll the paper, then put the old roach in to the back end of the new joint...it'd create continuity between joints...for a while I kept it going for almost year of regular smokin.....

    then I saved all my roaches for an uber-resin joint, but it didnt taste very good

    now I use a clip & thow away the last lil bit...to much hassle & odor to fool with...

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