what do you do when you're yakkin?

Discussion in 'General' started by j-mf-s, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. Well, how about it?
  2. When I'm yakked out ( when I used to do it), I would:

    Chill with my friends who did it. We'd chill and talk. For hours and hours.

    Just me, 3 friends, and an 8ball. We'd talk about anything, and feel mad close.

    Give Massages.

    Listen to music.

    Smoke madd ciggs.

    Just chill and have a good time.

    And then we'd all go home, and crash. You'd be alone, scared, and feel empty. I no longer do it.
  3. yakking = masturbating?
    in that case, i grab my sturdy erect man-rod and i apply firm, but not too firm, pressure. i proceed to move my hand up and down, still tightly gripping my flesh warrior until the victory juice shoots out like a comet.
  4. Straight chill. Enjoy the buzz while it lasts. Shits pricey. Havent fucked with it in awhile though...
  5. This is my impression of me and my friends on cocaine:


    That's about all there is to it.

  6. Haha, ugh. Not to generalize, but EVERY girl I've seen on coke is:

    Mad chatty.
    Fiends for more.
    Mad horny.

    I won't fuck with it anymore. The addiction creeps up on you so subtly you don't see it, unless someone on the outside saves you, and you can listen to them. Fucking with coke ALWAYS leads to something bad, I'm living proof.
  7. yea i don't do it often... don't jinx me damn lol

  8. Atleast I did seem to have much more meaningful conversations on coke, so it wasn't a complete waste of blabbermouth. lol

    I was never really too fiendy... When I was really into it I actually went out of my way to always have more coke than I planned on doing, just so I could learn some control and actually save coke. It worked pretty well, I had atleast a gram on me at all times for a month or two and just did a line or two when I felt like it, never really went overboard.

    I had a friend that was uber fiendy though... Like crawl around on the ground searching for tiny dropped coke rocks kind of fiendy. It always bugged the hell out of me. Granted, she was also addicted to meth for a few months so I can't say it was really surprising.

    But yeah, I won't fuck with it anymore either. The anxiety was too much, especially considering I already had a pre-existing anxiety disorder. Last time I did it was 7 months ago, I only did one line and one bump but I got so high I puked, talked to a friend for an hour and a half or so, and then spent the next 4 hours in harsh comedown mode thinking "This is so not fucking worth it".
  9. smoke mad cigs


    sometimes I get violent lol
  10. So this one time, I'm totally blown on blow, and I'm driving along, when all of a sudden I see this plastic laundry basket in the road. I try to get out of the way but it's too late, I've gone over the top of it, I hoped my Jeep would just go right over it, but no, it gets stuck and I'm dragging a laundry basket down the road underneath my car. Eventually I stopped in a turn lane and jumped out of the car and got it out of there real quick...

    But damn, that's fucked up, eh? :p
  11. when i used to endulge in it I would: talk with friends, dance, listen to music, chill, TV/movies, smoke too many ciggerettes, drink too many beers, freak out that in 15 minutes I would feel like shit and have none left.
  12. al

    LOL what the fuck who puts a laundry basket in the middle of the fuckin road!

  13. I hear ya. I did WAY too much the other night, near the point of an OD. I was in the basement, chain smoking cigs. I was sweating HARDCORE, despite drinking mad water. First eric asked if I was okay, Then sean did, then Melissa did. I ran up stairs, and puked in my mouth 3 feet from the bathroom. I made it inside, and emptied it out.

    I too will search the table for numbies. His floor is madd clean, So we all will find an amount, and usually get enough for a line or two. We'll split it into small bumps, and finish it up.

    Now the two girls I was with on their first time, split a gram in the EXXON bathroom. They were on their hands and knees, licking shit up with their fingers....

    That's a bit too much. People need to learn their limits.
  14. Smoke mad blunts of regs, even though you can only sort of feel it when you're yakked, when you come down.. You're out like a fuckin light. S'great. I did that the first time I did coke.. Snorted half a gram of fishscale (6'1, 290lbs), got yakked out for about three hours, smokin mad blunts of regs with my dealer.. Bout three hours after that line, I was sittin there and realized i couldn't lift ym hand to get the blunt being passed to me.
  15. cigs.. when im yakked i reach for the cigs and just chain smoke for like 45 minutes straight
  16. dear fucking lord..flesh warrior???


    usually when im on yay..we just hang out, go nightclubbing, or if there isnt anything to do sit on the back porch and chain smoke
  17. drink beer, and play halo 3, unless im gettin some ass.
  18. that pretty much sums it up
    I got a like/hate thing goin on with it
  19. drink hennesy and smoke blunts

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