What Do You Do When Youre Sad...

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    and getting high has lost it's fun?
    Really feeling pretty down right now :/

  2. Masterbate to some hardcore porn.
  3. Well when I see sad people at work I usually ask the. What's wrong and what I can do to cheer them up. So why are you sad? Want to hear a joke?
  4. What's better than roses on my piano?

    Tulips on my organ
  5. Listening to Music
    Relating Lyrics to Any Situation
    Or just Sleeping because Most times Dreamings better than reality😴
  6. Getting away from the same old routine.
  7. Slow down on the weed. It is a depressant, after all. And @[member="Talon"] is so right. If you are around people, get isolated
    If you don't think that's really a good idea, surround yourself with people who support positive vibes. Like.....your dog! Or read a book about peace and strength and love!! Or, pretend to be back in a time/era of your choosing.(gotta look past the barriers of reality here, like u do when reading). Of course, these are all things that cheer me up. :p and what that one guy(^^^^^) said about tulips on his organ. Lol. xD
  8. Write or freestyle or cry or spar or run
  9. Drink. Write.. Don't write. Drink more.
    Go out. Stay out or go home. Drink more. Write. Drink.

    Something like that.
  10. How people can turn a feeling like sadness into motivation to run or exercise in any way amazes me.

    Respect yo.
  11. I play disc golf, read up on current events in astronomy, hit up friends, or walk around in the woods with my mp3 blaring TOOL 
  12. Remember that there is a guy in North Carolina with only an air mattress in his apartment who can still laugh and type fun stuff. You got this!

    Sent from this awesomely refurbished Shell gas station.
  13. Sometimes I'll just sit alone and look at the sky until I feel better.
  14. Idk about u guys but that makes me more sad lol
  15. Smoke,listen to music and write shitty poems or things about my life.
  16. Get in the shower and start singing as loud as you can to whatever song you like. I do this everytime i get down and it usually works for me

  17. smoke, masturbate, contemplate suicide
  18. Drink and other nefarious things.
  19. Get really really really baked. Then shower and listen to music and sing as loud as possible. Lol.

    yes. I will have exactly 100 naps, pls.

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