What do you do when you're high with your friends?

Discussion in 'General' started by Nomad23, Feb 23, 2009.

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    When me and my friends get baked, we usually bring along my iPod with one of those portabel speakers, and walk around singing along to 90's rap or like funny shit like the Bartender Song. We always start with Hits from the Bong by Cypress Hill, then shuffle.

    One time I remember Jump Around came on, so I started dancing with my white boy skills and singing the whole thing, and at the end of the song all of us were hopping around and having a good time.
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    haha ive walked down the street stoned doing that before its awesome :D

    walking down the street at night singin 'crazy rap' by afroman
  3. Watch cartoons...Watch really bad horror movies...listen to great music...walk down the road...ride our bikes...any of those will work...haha
  4. Like some1 said before, walking down the street is fun. I usually sit down with friends on my couch and watch my 62'' TV :> But yeah, the first time i got really baked, i was walking down the street and omfg, i have never been that baked before. I had no tolerance, and i smoked 3 or 4 bowls, by myself.
    I didnt notice i was baked untill like 40 minutes later, when i was done, and i stood up. I was so freaking wacked out, but it felt awesome.
  5. lately me and my friends make things to smoke out of, like bongs and stuff.
    or listen to music.
    or sometimes we box each other.
  6. circle jerk :smoke:
  7. unfortunetly ive lost touch with all my smoking buddies so i blaze alone now adays ...but we use to get down and play ball or go for rides just blazin the whole time to go fishing or the mountains or get down on the xbox
  8. pretty much just play cod or halo
  9. just got done blazin with the homies and shootin some hoops but yeah our friend just passed so we smoked a 4g phillie titan for him...
  10. Hell yeah. Theres a course set up on my college campus. Its the best place to blaze and play some golf.
  11. Word man. And spread the word "Frolf" to the community.
  12. wtf do you mean what do I do when Im high the same shit I do when im not high im high all the time
  13. me and my buds chill and listen to music, play vidja games, or watch some tv on my big screen.
  14. munch out, video games, if we get really high, a movie is clutch
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    I don't really have the same friends anymore that I liked to get high with. My old group of smoking buddies rocked, we always wanted to go do shit after getting high. Like frisbee golf, or golf, or riding bikes, skateboarding, wakeboarding, tubing(friends had a lake in their backyard), anything really. Shits so much fun when you actually have shit to do, makes you feel better about yourself.

    I haven't hung out with a particular group of friends enough to know what they do after we get high. lol, Other than the ocassional snowboarding or (night)hike we just chill. I myself love to get high and go on a bike ride or play video games. Doing errands stoned is fun too.
  16. Walk around singing cypress hill, sublime, and bob marley, watch tv, play video games, run around aimlessly and munch out
  17. right now kind of into the whole really epic spots to blaze, loving finding new spots to blaze and setting awesome goals

    went up to Hollywood and tried to get to the VERY top of a building and blaze up there, but it failed miserably lol funny story, definitely will try again in the future

    found some sick sick spots tho, along a lake, overlooking a valley, ust a bunch of different cool spots outside
  18. Well we usually pick 1 person's house to gather at and smoke up.

    We all do whatever the host wants, since were using his house.

    But this is all fair, since it rotates, as in, if i host one session, Phil hosts the next, then Pete, then Fred(fake names), and so on.

    Works for us canucks:D
  19. right now we like to go bowling and then hit up the bars. in the summer we either go jet skiing at lake michigan or go tubing down some rivers..ahhh i cant wait for the chicago summers

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