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What do you do when you're high, and why do you smoke?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TNPAuTo, Dec 16, 2002.


What do you do when you're high?

  1. Watch T.V.

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  2. Play Games

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  3. Smoke more

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  4. Laugh, Eat, and Sleep

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  5. What was the question again?

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  1. I mostly do this and play vido games. I'm high 24/7, It's my escape from reality.
  2. i am high when i have weed. i do it cause it is fun and i like the feeling
  3. hmmm... all of the above and then some. blah... as for why i smoke... i like it? lol... it lets me escape reality for a while, notice things other people don't notice, realize things about myself, and of course... 'cause it gets you wrecked :D
  4. weed, is.. like... visine... for your mind
  5. man i forgot... when im nice and ripped.. i like to eat.
    all i have to say is peanut butter on cookies
  6. sit and relax, have a beer, smoke a cigaret

    or, run around and act stupid
  7. i used to finish off a fat blunt then hop in the car wit a few friends......

    i used to like smoking more than being high...
  8. i do it cause it actually allows me to think strange as it may sound to some...i know others agree with me. it helps me relax and just exist without the pressures of life...yep, i love it
  9. lets me put things behind me. and lets my mind wonder off in its own little world. im currently writing a book about my experiences being high. it pretty much details what i think and do when im high. and how its differnt from being sober..
  10. Getting high is the funnest thing there is to do, aftet i get a good high i normally play video games or watch a movie or something
  11. Man when Iam stoned all I can do is chill out on the couch, and play my PS2!
  12. i just like to be high, i really wish i had the money to be high all the time. its hard for me to sleep so i try to always have a bowl before bed, well like a half hour before bed so i got a little time to eat or watch some tv then i'm out.
  13. i like to eat food and be with the lady as well as a good game of halo
  14. I'm usually down town... I just like to chill, come here and look at bongs, watch TV Land, try to get girls... Get girls... Ect
  15. Weed saved my life!..I'm more happy than i have ever been in my life....The Stress,the hate and the worries cant reach me when im high :) lol
  16. I get ya mate. I love to escape it is nice you look in the mirror and you dont have to worry bout not makigng it and you dont care about weight or pressure of life you just are and it feels good to just be for a few hourseto just sleep.... or just eat.... or just watch t.v. Without your mind going but what bout this and what bout that why havent i dont this why arent i here in my life. It is like a little time out . Thats why i do it and hugs and stuff feel as magic as they shud be you aprechite everything or at least i do ................................
  17. Yea it was just a bit HateBreeder LOL.
  18. We love to play pool, dance, listen to music,
    watch movies, play games, go hiking, bike
    riding, whatever...

    I smoke for two reasons:
    One, because I have rheumatoid arthritis and other
    autoimmune diseases and it helps me become more
    mobile, works as an anti-inflammatory and eases pain.

    Two, because it's fun. :)



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