What do you do when youre dry?

Discussion in 'General' started by thisisamerica, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. I know most of you people are going to say go buy more but i mean when you run out how do you pass the time Does this make any sense?

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    I drink:) play video games or resin hit my bowl lol

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  3. Lift the Earth from a small village as I ravage through their homes in search of marijuana. :cool:
  4. Wow. Haven't been dry for months lol. Usually would try to get some alcohol or res hits. Kief. Play video games. Smoke cigs.

  5. Do anything else? There's a big world out there, full of all kinds of activities.
  6. Carry on with my day as usual. Maybe smoke a cigarette at some point during the day.
  7. I have a stash of low-mid quality buds in my bug out bag, I just smoke a pipe or two out of that and replace it when I stock back up.
  8. resin like a true weed fiend
  9. I plah xbox when I had one basicly or clean like crazy

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  10. What is this dry of which ye speak?
    After a career break of 17 years, I haven't been dry, ever, for the last 15 years. :smoke: 
  11. I usually turn to murder or rape if I run dry.
  12. Make em swallow yours cods.
  13. I like working on some of my hobbies or play games on my pc

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  14. masturbate like a maniac
  15. Vigorously.
  16. I always have bud, and back up stash, and a back up for the back up.  I suggest stocking up when you find a good hookup, not like marijuana will go bad.  Unless you improperly store it.
  17. Come to Colorado and grow your own! Never run out...😀
  18. I wish

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  19. Haven't ever been dry since I started smoking frequently, just a bit more than an ounce and 1/4 atm.

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