What Do You Do When Youre Dry?

Discussion in 'General' started by Verts, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. I'm in the middle of a currently 2-day dry spell, which is very rare in my circle of friends. I'm not bugging or anything, but I did wake up a little cranky this morning. So I turned on some chill reggae music to spread good vibes and it definitely cheered me up. But I have off today and I'm a bit bored -- obviously I usually toke when I'm off and it puts me in the right state of mind to go do something, be productive, socialize, prevent depression/anxiety, etc. It really is my medicine. 
    So, what do you guys do to stave off boredom and bad vibes during a dry spell?

  2. Pillage the nearest community for whatever I can find before moving on to the next one, and the one after that...So on and so forth until I find marijuana. :cool:
  3. I haven't been dry in 3 years

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  4. I am rarely dry, but when it happens I normally have kief or resin that I can hit. If im completely out I like to smoke some stogs to fill in for the time being
  5. Take a vacation

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    I'm the type that has nugs stashed in my car, at work, in my room other than my stash jar.

    I used to tape grams behind calendars and such.

    I cannot stand running out and will buy weed a week before I run out.
  7. I usually spend most of my time sober trying to find weed haha. I've gotten to the point where I just ask people at 711 if they know where to get some.
  8. I either don't smoke or get drunk in the evenings instead.
  9. im never dry jus got weed everywere :yay:
  10. Sounds like an addiction, but I respect that shit nontheless. You sound like a weed 007 lmao. "Taped behind my calender" Lol wtf

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  11. favorite answer so far
    funnily enough about an hour after i posted this thread about being dry my buddy came by with a quarter and smoked me up, sold me a nice nug
    law of attraction is very powerful -- look into it!!
  12. I smoke what I still have because I try not to run out before I get more.
  13. xbox live but foreal i think about it alot when i dont have weed. i must be high!!  :yay:
  14. Buncha junkies.
  15. I just don't smoke if I'm out lol.
    I can't really be high 24/7 because that interferes with school/work somewhat.
  16. I just continue living my life.
    I'm dry quite frequently (not so much the past month or so as I've been really overdoing it lately), but that's my choice as I prefer not to smoke regularly and don't consider myself a stoner. That takes away the financial strain, the sadness of being dry (if you're dry a lot then it just feels normal and smoking marijuana is just a chill process you do once a week or such) and makes smoking the ganja way more pleasuring because I keep my tolerance down and prevent the process from getting boring, so it's a win-win-win-win-win.
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    Play runescape 2007, rodina, dark souls or watch anime

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  18. Ask one of the many people I know where they buy, or just hit up one of the guys at the coffee shop.

    That usually does it for me
  19. Haha that shit is funny

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