What Do You Do When Youre Alone And Sober?

Discussion in 'General' started by Bbiscuit, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, haven't been on in a while, but I just got a new laptop :D
    Some of you may remember I got caught by my super-conservative parents a month or two ago, but I'm finally gaining some of their trust back and going to college in the fall, so it'll all be alright come August 23 when I move out.
    Anyway, on nights when I had nothing to do, I'd usually smoke a bowl or two and feel like I'm hanging out with myself and have a really good time. As pathetic as that sounds, haha
    But since I'm not smoking anymore until I move out in fear of the drug test in my parents' closet, I can't do that.
    So what are some things you do when alone and sober?
    Also, T minus 49 days till I register for classes and find out my dorms and possibly my roommate, and T minus 71 days until I am out of this shithole town and my parents' house and able to smoke if the opportunity arises! Woo!

  2. I go grab my phone, play some Wiz, and spark up.
  3. Just be careful OP. Getting caught in the real world sucks a big fat dick.

    Hmm...I mean I do the same things when I get stoned alone, just sober lol. Video games, GC forums, research new music, social media, movies. Seems pretty boring but I get lost in it sometimes lol.
  4. Congrats on going to school and I hope you apply yourself and be all you can be.
    But if you have any other hobbies, do that. If your just too bored with no hobbies, try model cars or a musical instrument, just find new toys to play with.
  5. Hey bbiscuit! Glad your back!

    Ummm.....well I'm a dude so I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count! Lol.
  6. I jack off and lay in front of a screen.
  7. I usually either watch netflix, tv, or mess around on my guitar. During the day I might go shoot some hoops at the local rec center. If I'm still really bored then I might do hw for my summer classes lol.

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  8. When I'm sober, I sit and think about a nice bowl of roasted pot....not pot roast, there is a difference! lol

    This may sound super lame, but keep a dialogue of how you feel at different times while you are sober then keep another journal to dialogue what you feel when not sober.


  9. Who says that's exclusive to males? ;D hahahaha
    Thanks for the advice guys!
  10. I have an array of hobbies that can occupy my time, sober or not. I play guitar, read, write short stories, listen to music, browse the internet (such as I am doing now), watch a film, or television, throw a wrench on the Chevy.
    I seem to be leading something of a solitary existence these days, what with work and my busy life, so this is usually what I do.
  11. Watch tv, cook, talk to people
  12. Masturbate and find more drugas!

    you're my new favorite poster lol
  14. Same things I do when I'm not sober  :confused_2:
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    Expand your hobbies and add more interests, that would save you from boredom. What I do is research and accumulate knowledge, Music (Youtube is a virtual record store), Exercise, zone out in my imagination (create comedic episodes, plays, stories), sometimes I visit my artistic side by drawing or dancing, take long walks because I like adventures and I'm still adding more. There's plenty of things to do! 
  16. Smoke one with me then.

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