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What do you do when you have to quit toking?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kraykikikush, May 6, 2016.

  1. I was laid off a couple months ago and my unemployment is almost out, so I'm trying to quit until I get a job.
    I honestly didn't think it would be this hard. I should have remembered how it felt a couple years ago when my boyfriend made me quit for a few months (we didn't live in a green state then and he was the one with the hookups). I've heard again and again that pot is not chemically addictive and doesn't cause withdrawals. Science is science, but my experience suggests otherwise. I'd been smoking every day for 2 years until 2 days ago, and that first day was hell. By evening I was dizzy and getting a false high. I couldn't sleep until early in the morning. The anxiety that used to be a big problem for me started up again.
    Last time I had to quit, I cross-stitched constantly to keep my mind off it. Guessing I'm going to have to try that again.

    What have you tried to make it less hellish? I believe what people say about keeping your hands busy as a way to deal with addiction. Though, I have restless hands and need to keep them busy all the time in any case.
    I really wish I liked alcohol more. I started drinking before realizing it's been years since I drank without being able to toke away the nausea afterward. I smoke cigs too but I don't think I'm addicted to nicotine, just the habit. I don't even really feel any effects from nicotine.

    Anyway, I'm not necessarily asking for advice, this is something I'll probably have to figure out myself. But I'm curious how others have dealt with it. The first day I was so grumpy it was like a longtime smoker quitting cigarettes cold turkey.
    Was it that hard for any of you? Was it easier than you expected? What did you do to fill the void?
  2. Weed is not physically addictive in the sense that your body does not come dependent on it i.e organs, tissue, etc. The only real common somewhat physical changes you may experience from quitting is one, lack of appetite and two, trouble sleeping. It can be "mentally" addictive if you will, to some. If someone is a heavy, daily smoker for long period of time quitting can be tough. You may feel extremely bored throughout the day, leading to agitation at night because you cannot sleep. Itsa little tough for the first couple days...kind of like trying to change your sleeping schedule to waking up at 6am when your used to waking up at 6pm everyday for the past 5 will take several days for your body to get back into the groove of things and're gonna feel a little less than 100%.

    In my opinion I think the huge majority of people that use recreationally (not medically) that have real issues quitting smoking weed is because they have a natural addictive personality either built over time or hereditary. One thing that makes me think that you MAY have a addictive personality is due to the fact that you mentioned you have started drinking and you haven't liked drinking in the past. Trying to fill the void of not being able to get high from smoking...I know because I have an addictive personality and I also tend to drink when I don't have any smoke. Don't be worried or anything as alot of people are this way. I would just make sure you don't start drinking too much.
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  3. I stopped smoking due to job reason but I'm still debating if I will quit smoking I just don't think
    It's for me anymore. It's been only one day I failed this week by smoking yesterday. I don't feel bad about it tho because in the last 20 days I've smoked 3 times so I think I got it this time, I don't have any weed whatsoever so I'm committed now. As for how I feel, I feel great but the thing is I workout and do sports so I'm constantly doing something that makes me happy. So yeah this is how I'm dealing with it, kinda hope to come back in a month and be a month clean without weed.

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  4. Oh yeah I definitely have an addictive personality. Runs in the family too. Doesn't help that pot is the only thing that has ever been able to stop my panic attacks, it makes everything more fun, and it doesn't have any bad side effects unless I go past my limit. It's not that I don't enjoy a drink with dinner now and then, but it just can't compare to weed. Plus one of my biggest anxiety triggers is nausea. I also have a hiatal hernia, meaning I can't drink large quantities of liquid and what I do drink seems to take a while to make it to my stomach.
    For those reasons I don't think I could ever possibly develop a drinking problem. One time being sick will put me off it for a long time, I have a vomiting phobia. Thanks for the concern though.
    Working out might be a good thing. Not least because at first you'll get high when you start to sweat. It's happened to me anyway.
  5. Yeah today is my last day smoking for money and personal reasons as well as the possibility of being put on probation this month
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  6. For me I start using my ecig a fuck ton more. I also buy lots of movies and a new game or two or just go out and hang with my non smoker friends

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  7. Goodluck bro! Same her started today.

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  8. Change up your routine if you can. Do other stuff at the time you'd usually toke. Also cinnamon gum and keep on cross stitching! I adore cross stitch, I did a bunch with dumb ass phrases on them last year. You could always learn to crochet or something too. That's my favorite.
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  9. Exercise helps
  10. Have any of you experienced a total lack of libido when you quit? Like not only do I not want to have sex but I actually get annoyed when my boyfriend touches me in an intimate way or grabs my boobs (which he does a lot just for fun).
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  11. I don't have that problem if I quit. I would guess it would be the same as quitting cigs for you tho. That's what you should be quitting imo.


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