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what do you do when you have THC hangover?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by relieF, Jan 6, 2003.


what do you do after too big a session

  1. smoke some more

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  2. drink

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  3. sleep

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  4. just get groggy and shiznit. you can't fight it.

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  1. you know, like when you smoke too much pot and the next day you just... feel weird? it kind of feels like you're high, but it's annoying like a little brat sibling and you want to say 'quit it you brat'.. what do you do then?
  2. omg... that reminds me of this one day i was so burnt (what we call the THC hangover around here) 'cause me and my boy killed a half of a combo. of awesome mids and some skunk the night before. i didn't even want to get outta bed, but i had to piss and had to start my new job that day. so here i am, all burnt as hell, just sitting on the couch loungin' and waiting to go to work. i get to work and all i can think about is how much i want to go back to bed. they put me in drive thru (at McDonald's) 'cause i've worked there before and kinda knew how it all worked... well, i hate doing drive thru so i had an attitude with all the customers and the line was all the way around the store, lmao. so eventually they got the point i wasn't very happy there and they had me grabing orders for the person on front sales (easy as hell)... lol. those were the good ol' days.

    now i usually don't really get burnt anymore the next day. i just get pretty tired after my high's gone, and i either fix that by smoking more or going to sleep... or both :D

  3. whoa. you're tough man.

    hey cottons, your name reminds me of the days i used to get stupid when i get high. i'd get the cottons, and whenever i talk i'd make really loud snapping sounds in my mouth. my friends would be like 'wtf, i can hear that man, stop it'...

    i wonder if cottonmouthing has to do with the original intent of THC to preserve water in the plants. hm...
  4. haha, a THC hangover. i've never heard it called that. i've actaully never heard of any name for it at all, other than the one i made up with some friends. We call it being "Stoned-Over"
  5. i usually sleep or smoke more ....
  6. i usually sleep, but it is nice to have a "thc hangover" at school..... takes the edge off lol
  7. bah I had a bad hangover after my first time smoking... it really sucked

    but now I just get really clear-headed the next day (I also haven't smoked as much as I did my first time... lol) which is nice
  8. yea i always feel refreshed the day after. but thats just me
  9. I usually get a headchange (what we call it) when I do a really big session and go to sleep right afterwards. If I smoke a bowl a few hours after the session when I'm coming down, it helps kill the morning headchange.
  10. What in da blue blazes are ya'll talkin about? THC hangovers??? Mon, ya can't get a hangover ifin ya don't ever stop smokin and most real stoners don't ever stop except ta sleep!!! I've NEVER had a THC hangover and I've been smokin for 35 years!!!
    Da"Stay Stoned"Captn

  11. thc hangovers are when you blaze danks at like 3am and then go to sleep.. when you wake up you have this wierd crappy feeling in your head and you still have the headchange a bit.. i dunno, its pretty much a daily thing for me, so ive gotten used to it.. you can usually get rid of it if you pop some vitamins and have something to eat.. but i dont blaze at school so when i wake up still buzzing a tiny bit its kind of fun.. most of the time im not 100% sober until after lunch

  12. ROFLMFAO!!! hahahaha... that's great!!!

    i think it has to do with how much people spit when they toke. ever notice if ya don't spit as much the cottons don't set in as bad?
  13. Hmmm I guess I'm fortunate in that I don't really get hungover after smoking weed.. Although sometimes if I smoke mad dope right before bed I don't wanna get up the next morning but usually once I get motivated and in the shower I feel fine..
  14. dude last night i smoked so much that today ive had a headache and feel sick and not good ive popped 3 ivprofin and took a shower and still i feel like shit ive never felt this way amd i just burnt the fucking hell out?
  15. I just feel like a little bit less then what i would feel when im coming down.

    It doesnt bother me, i kinda like it infact.

  16. Hmmph. That even sounds right. Pretty cool! But the word is ibuprofen.

    Ive never considered the pot headache as a hangover before... but I suppose you could.

    But I have to agree with a couple of others by saying I chose marijuana over alcohol precisely because I dont' like hangovers. And alcohol really gives me a hangover if I overdo it.

    Have any of you who think pot gives hangovers had a hangover from alcohol before? If not... well.... (lol) you ain't seen nothin' yet!

  17. Try smokin a single-hitter or a minibowl. That will help clear that up. I'm about to go do the same right now.

  18. heh.. theres no way to enjoy that kind of hangover :D
  19. I've never been hung over from weed.... if anything, I still feel a little stoned, if I haven't had much sleep. I have a cig the morning after and it fucks me up for a few minutes :D

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