what do you do when you have no ganj?

Discussion in 'General' started by HIGHASTHESUN, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. and its cold out, and you have school shit, and life just sucks cause your dry and your never dry...
  2. Scrape your piece, resin taste bad but it will get you high as FUCK.
  3. im actually about to do that, but i always have trouble cause my resin is more ashy then gooey
  4. Fuck man yeah same here xD ok no school but fucking job and the weather is shit to damn snow... and i have to go to the shop by bike and iam nearly broke only 34 euro .i have left and it last about 6 days before my next pay check is ready .. Shit! -_- but i know that in a week or 2 everything will be better :) xD
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  5. yea i always tell myself the bad things make the good things.. well... good

    well for now im gona go smoke my resin :smoke: at least i have resin, thats good
  6. haha i actually did that the other day, it was weird it didnt work too well, i think i didnt do enough. do you know if it has to be ground up?
  7. Yes, resin is great if your out of weed.

    Also, what I would do if I had no weed, is play video games.
  8. enjoy your t-break.
    i'd smoke you retarted if i could bro, but you'll be aight do something constructive, work out.. or if you tryin to relieve stress get a 40oz or try to find some herbs.
  9. Alcohol, get some dxm. Find someone with some pills.
  10. thanks for all of your suggestions ill keep that in mind for next time, but i just.. uhm.. borrowed... some of my bros weed and feelin great. oh and by the way this is random but his weed stunk up my house when i took it out and everyones asking why it smelled like a skunk. just thought id share that haha :D
  11. Ground up or nut form, its up to you.
    Ground up is just easier to ingest with spoonfuls and water.

    However it takes 7 hours to kick in.
    And can last for over 24hours.

    But you have to do a lot.
    I did like 40grams roughly, got me fuc:cool:ked.
  12. i suck it up and go without...
  13. It's been so many years, I can't even remember.
  14. Enjoy being sober till I get some.
  15. When i'm outa dope i desperately scrape resin and hunt for roaches, and than i dont know what happens after that because I've never gone that long without it. lol
  16. i used to be with out bud, but i started growing my own :)
  17. Exactly, i live my life.
  18. I don't smoke....
  19. I usually kill myself but I put the infinite life cheat code in, so its all good.

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