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What do you do when you finish?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Afroman1017, May 27, 2010.

  1. Ok so the other day I was smoking a nice cone with my friend. We each had our own and right when i was about to toss mine into the river he told me to hold it and burn the little filter paper or what ever you call it and inhale the smoke because its full of THC. Does anybody else do this? i also hear you can put this into tea? Are there any other strange things that people do with the left over filter or roach?

    Thanks in advance! Happy Tokin :smoking:
  2. never done it.... i mean after a cone to the face whats one hit that defs wont have as much thc in it as the herb gonna do.... hahahaha. I know a guy who eats his roaches and kicked bowls..... i know people who save the roaches with a little bud left in it, then after they have a huge amount they roll up a blunt with the already jointed weed, and call it a "grandfather" blunt...hahahahhahah
  3. I will throw away my roaches and cashed bowls. I just prefer fresh green hits and I'm not THAT desperate to get high I suppose.
  4. burn the cardboard???
    the thc left on the paper (if any) isnt worth the long term side effects of burning and inhaling cardstock.
  5. ^^^ mmmm what you dont smoke up that dank ass double ply cardboard man...your missin out hehehehehe :)
  6. I know people who save there roaches and pack them in bowls... me i'm not a fan of this but it does the job when you are low on green.

  7. yeah dude i'll def save my blunt roaches, cause i dont put a cardstock roach tip at the end of those. stick them in a bowl and surround it by green; the cherry lights the green once it burns down. its fun to watch lol.
  8. If there's any weed left in it, pick it out and use it in your next joint, it'll be a bit more potent than regular weed.

    But if there's no weed in it and it's just a filter or paper, dude don't bother. It's pathetic to be that desperate to get high lol.

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