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What do you do when you cant fall asleep without weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blaze99, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. I wanna take a t break but damn it's hard to fall a sleep. What do you guys do to fall asleep.
  2. Invest in a bottle of Lunexor - i've had my fair share of not sleeping and that stuff really helped - it's steep for a bottle of pills but relatively cheap compared to the price of weed. It won't knock you out but you'll feel a lot more rested with the sleep you do get and you'll have the maddest lucid dreams on that stuff.

    Combine that with a proper sleeping pattern (rise at the same time everyday) and you'll be sorted - if your walking around on 3 hours sleep, it'll start to catch up with you and when you pop a lunexor on that little sleep you will clock out.
  3. Drink some beer's.
  4. Excersise before bed i guess, but i dont know just lay in bed earlier the feeling goes away in a few days
  5. Wake up early
  6. 3mg melatonin - over the counter supplement
  7. L-tryptophan for the win. Does not only help fix sleeping patterns, but also makes one's moods a lot more comfortable.
  8. I suck at sleeping too, sometimes ill lay in bed awake for 2 hours before I go to sleep and I see other people that pass out as soon as their head hits the pillow and it makes me pretty jealous. If I can't fall asleep after about an hour I usually just jerk off and then I'm out.
  9. This. It regulates when you begin to feel sleepy every night. You have to remember to take it at the same time every night though.
  10. I've seen this melatonin shit at Walmart for like a dollar, you could try that. or you could get some lazy cakes, they're like Brownies with melatonin in em and I've heard they knock you out pretty good.
  11. Like I said, don't invest on pure melatonin. Get Tryptophan. It generates melatonin as well as serotonin in your system.
  12. when i dont have smoke i stay up all night posting in the internet lol like tonight
  13. as far as I know weed doesn't affect my sleep. when I can't sleep I just play neopets or skyrim, masturbate and wake my boyfriend up because it's funny, or troll people.

    if I really wanna sleep or I have to do something the next day I might take a seroquel. if you have major sleep problems I would recommend taking seroquel some of these nights. DON'T start taking it every night though because after a while you will straight up need them to be able to sleep. also, if you've never taken them or haven't taken them in a while they will knock you the fuck out like you wouldn't believe.
  14. I've been watching movies until I slowly drift away... at 2AM. :mad:
  15. I smoke a small bowl right before bed on my "T-Breaks" works wonders ;) hahaha
  16. Drink 2 cans of marleys mellow mood. That's back to the melatonin thing but it sure works I've been told.
  17. I try to focus on lucid dreaming.
    Thinking about it before bed can prepare your unconscious for it, and it may be easier to enter the state. I've been trying for a week or so now to no avail but it'll happen.
    Anyways, by doing so it makes me crave sleep and therefore it's easier to fall asleep.

  18. i take seroquel 100 and had the bad idea of getting used to take 200 of seroauel + an 8th and sometimes acccopagnied by beers or vodka to go to sleep. Worst mistake now i never get a good nights sleep
  19. My life.

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