What do you do when strangers non-inclusive conversations seem to directed toward yo?

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  1. Yeah I'm a paranoid schizophrenic (currently on effective medication) but it seems like strangers in my local community are aware of this and screw with me knowing they can get away with it.

    I actually went to jail because of this. After months of strangers toying with me I started talking back to them. The manager and eventually the police were called. Soon I met a girl, moved, things got quiet for a few years and now the mocking has started once again.

    Any other outcast or schizophrenic hear strangers' conversations that seemingly relate to you or mock you?

    Or have you ever been part of a group of people who screws with people by sending them messages via non-inclusive conversation?
  2. Remind myself that Im not important enough to be the subject of everyone's conversation.
  3. are you really sure that medicine is effective, it seems like it's not doing it's job.
  4. I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere that marijuana can induce schizophrenia on some people.. maybe lay off the buds man.

  5. I understand your skepticism but your attitude is what makes me a perfect target.

    How hard would it to be to identify "crazy" people in your neighborhood and screw around with them whenever they're walking around in public, at a mall or grocery store.

    I mean, if the target, tries to expose this game they will be easily disregarded as insane. It's even easier if they are already diagnosed with something like myself.

  6. I don't have an attitude. you're creating conspiracy from nothing. Sounds like symptoms of a disorder you have.

  7. It's not about importance.

    It's about tossing ear worms at the local weirdo till he cracks.

    Is it so hard to believe people would do this?

  8. It's not a very elaborate conspiracy.

    Locals agree to send ear worms at someone and do so whenever he/she goes to a mall or grocery store.


    Why is so hard to fathom that people would do this?
  9. People are fucked up man. I've experienced it too. We share the same issues. It doesn't happen often like you say it does but it's happened to me.

    "He's so weird"

    People suck so badly it doesn't bother me.

    "When it comes down to it, I let them think what they want. If they care enough to bother with what I do. Then I'm already better than them." -Marilyn Monroe

  10. Yes...

    Not to mention, you are ruining your life with this paranoia. You've let it get the best of you to the point of getting arrested.

    Even if people are talking about you, if you pay them no attention you can't be hurt by them. You fuel bullys by feeding into their negativity.

    People judge each other , and we all talk bout each other. It's part of the human nature. you let that fuel a motive into random people because you're afraid they're messing with you.

    Just ignore it. if you can't, I suggest that your medication is not effective at your condition as you believe. If you can't let go of senseless paranoia.
  11. I agree with Doc Sheldon... I think it's definitely paranoia causing you to believe that not only does everyone in the town know that you're "crazy" but that they're all involved in a plot to talk about you in public and screw with your mind.

    Do you have any particular examples of this happening?

  12. Well it's never as obvious as "he's weird" or "hey look at that guy".

    and it doesn't happen constantly. It's one or two "messages" per public appearance. Those messages become much more frequent and aggressive if I seem resistant in any way.

  13. Have you talked to your doctor/therapist/psychiatrist about this?
  14. When I was in public during really bad psychotic episodes people could tell I was just completely out of my mind and would fuck with me purposely and laugh about it. Of course driving me even more insane. So I wouldn't put this out of the picture really. People are fucked up. The key is to just not give a fuck. Which I've learned to do these days. I don't think I would ever have as bad a psychotic episode as I did at least one or two times. I've definitely learned from those experiences and do a better job of managing my illness these days.
  15. Dude, relax. Why does it even matter? Ignore it. Whatever a few immature idiots think about you won't really effect your life. Move on. Lol, then again, you're a schizo, so I don't know how your brain works. They probably aren't even talking about you anyways.

  16. What medication do they have for PRIDE.

    Because that is what needs suppression, not paranoia.

    I know when I'm delusional. I believe I'm in Hell and little can console me. This is not delusion, it's intrusion.

    If locals are using ear worms against me, knowing no one will believe me. It's a bigger problem than any one man's paranoia.

  17. Can you give some examples of what they say?

  18. Me and you should buy a country and invite every schizophrenic person to live with us. In a way it would be a lot more sane there than it is here in the USA.

  19. I'm not trying to get forcibly strapped to a hospital bed, getting a plastic catheter forced into my penis, injected with something, and spending all week locked down in a hospital ward for evaluation simply because I want share my "feelings".

    Been there, done that.

    My dream scenario would be, I tell me doctor, he calls a private investigator, and they give me spy gear to survey those around me to see if my story is legit. But far more likely I'll end up with a cold catheter in my dick. What's the point?

  20. See, the thing is - if your meds aren't working, this would be what you would think, no?
    Which is why it's been mentioned...because what you're expressing is indicative of a perception that your condition would lead you to, no?
    I guess you need to ask yourself, who are these locals?
    Are they even people you know/knew?

    Like I'll be open about it, I usually just say "fuck it" when it comes to folks with your condition or similar, because this would happen...man, I had a great friend and I was sick of feeling like he thought I was like his enemy every time he had a break or change of meds or things weren't being handled right.

    Just think with logic man.

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