What do you do when see a naked girl in the hallway?

Discussion in 'General' started by cothrantyson, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. The floor of my dorm is co-ed, with one side being mostly guys, and then if you take a turn down the hallway, its mostly girls. I was talking to a friend in the girls part of the hallway, and then as I am walking out there is a girl with only a towel covering her ass (so her boobs were out) walking toward the shower and the whole ways she was looking back at me. What should I have done/and or why do you think she was staring at me?

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  2. Were you staring at her? Lol I would have been like "Uhhh..."
  3. "When in doubt, whip it out"     :laughing:
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  4. ask if she needs any help, duh.
  5. Dog, if she was staring and not looking at you in disgust, she wanted the d. That was the "Nicca, i want the d" stare. What you should have done was smiled and asked her if she needed some help drying off. 
  6. Try to spark a convo with her next time you run into her. You'll get her
  7. Fuckin tell her what time it is McLovin
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  8. Wear a kilt, she should notice the tilt. :smoke:
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  9. you reeeaaallly have to ask? cmon dude...
  10. complain to security about indecent public exposure in my hall
    lol i kid fuck that i'd be gamin hardcore
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  11. damn, you done goofed. had a perfectly open window haha, oh well. dont fudge it with the next naked lady prancin down the hallway.
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    It rubs the lotion on her tits, or else it beats its own hose again.
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    This thread is awesome :laughing:
    Well, naked chicks aren't going to stare at you for no reason! ;)
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  14. blunt force object, lucky for you showers are easy to clean.
  15. Should've told her that her behavior was shallow and pedantic.
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  16. You don't post on grasscity about it, that's for sure.
    Could have gone with a few different approaches not sure why you chose this route.
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    Hmmm. From the results of this grasscity survey, it appears that I should I have acted in a much more unrestrained manner, completely throwing my body and inhibitions away in a single leap of desperation in the hopes that my act would not be one of despondency.
    .......nah but for real though, i'm not trying to go jameis winston on a hoe. but i am very interested in seeing what would happen if I threw you all in a room together with just a bottle of vodka and baby oil
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  18. Well then at the very LEAST you could of snapped a pic for masturbation purposes later?? Come on, man.
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    I wouldn't base any real life decisions on what the stoners/kids on GC tell you....
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