What do you do when nothing goes your way in life?

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Deleted member 948257, May 7, 2016.

  1. Moved into a new house trying to fix it up nothing is going right the flooring isn't level the skirting fucked up the doors are utter shit just everything isn't going how it should

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  2. what he said, smoke some more pot and relax for a bit then get back to work. There are times everyone feels down and like nothing will every go there way or they will never get ahead. First step is believe, if you dont have belief it will change or hope more then likely its not going to get better. Best advice i can give, when i was going thru some depression i'd always wake up and say to myself today will be a better day then yesterday. One day at a time brother!
  3. Does the roof leak? Keep the vision in your head of what you want it to be. Shit like that gets me down and I just want to give up. I have major depression. I've been trying to clean my house all week. Just never looks good to me. Focus on one thing. When I look at ALL the problems I have in my life, it's too much. I wanna take a nap. Focus on one thing at a time. Start small start big it don't matter just take a few tokes. Get a section done.
  4. How bad do you want it?
  5. I've seen this movie. "The money pit." I hope you are at least not stuck in the floor one of these days.

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  6. This is exactly what i was referring to when i said you should starve OP. You said you understand but i do not think you do. Watch the video, then you will BEGIN to understand; to truly understand, you need to implement the will to succeed into your life. I am actually surprised to see this video posted; i never see it, ever, but it is one of the greatest inspiration videos for success. Here is another. If you are sitting there thinking a video cannot change your life, that mentality is exactly your problem.

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  7. Increase hydration and physical activity.
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  8. You gotta want it more than you wanna stay up at night, more than you wanna party, more than you want friends.

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