What do you do, when an ice cube falls to the floor?

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by Vash.The.Stampede, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Saw this survey being passed around on reddit, and thought it would be interesting discussion for everyone here. I have a strong feeling, stoner responses, would mix up the results lol.
  2. pick it up....
  3. I have to be honest - kick it under the fridge :icgreen:
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  4. Pick it up and put it in the cat's water bowl.
  5. i mean the cool thing about ice is its super easy to clean off, run that bitch under water for like 1 second and its as good as new.
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  6. I don't do a thing...my dog (half blue heeler-half Australian shepherd), gets to it before I can do anything.. If she is outside, I either pick it up, or kick it under the island. It'll dry up.
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  7. Cuss at it for falling in the first place, then stomp it into oblivion, only to realize it has multiplied into an cult(what you call a group of ice cube). I then dove for the oven, my last hope to melt away the cult. Little did I know the oven takes "time" to heat up. My only option left was to retreat ! I fled the kitchen, and devised a master plan. The gas was still on from previous failed oven extermination, it only took one match to blow up the entire house, thus defeating the cult. I'm a hero. Homeless, but a hero.
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  8. Pick it up and put it in my beer only to notice it watered down my beer
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