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What do you do?...WHAT DO YOU DO?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 421der, Jul 27, 2003.

  1. So, like, really...What is it you are doing on-line?

    Are you just pissin' away some spare time?

    Are you makin' any money?

    Lookin' at porn?

    Just wondering...

    I like to play pool.

    Some times me and e-Bay even make a buck or two.
  2. bullshit music music music....

    and yeah.... not much....
  3. I'm just keeping grasscity clean and smooth...

    I may have to sharpen my razor though!!!!!
  4. I'm "working". Which means sitting here waiting for something to do at work while im readin through the forum.
  5. i'm downloading music.
  6. just drinkin a beer smokin a jay browsin the net.
  7. i just chat to buddies and look at the forums.

    i always try to find something funny or interesting to read using google, but its hard.

    if anyone has any interesting sites about ANY topic, hook it up. aslong as its a long read. the more intellectual the better.

    and im not quite sure, but if im right, this is THE BEST website ever. This Maddox guy is HILARIOUS!!
  8. lucky people that get to dl music, i have no sound :mad: .....well, it was good b4 my comp brok a few years ago, had like 500 songs, now.... all gone
  9. play multiplayer games, read the news, download music/games..., chat with friends and to visit my favorite web-site :)

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