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What do you do on the toilet?

Discussion in 'General' started by zeldar420, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. I write letters and pinch off early to smoke a bowl then forget why im in the bathroom
  2. i usually take my laptop in with me and post on GC
  3. I can't use tobacco products where I work, so I usually will put a fat dip in, shit and then sit on the toilet playing angry birds for like 35 - 40 minutes. Once I awake from my nicotine comma, I walk out of the bathroom like a boss.
  4. I always bring a book with me. I just end up spending 30min sitting on the toilet reading.
  5. Play with myself.:ey:
  6. i grab my cock, lube it up reall good then make love to the shower curtain next to me
  7. i read shampoo bottles trying to imagine the structural formula for the chemicals
  8. ...post on forums.
  9. Fiddle with something random, sing, pick my nose.
  10. Look at gc on my phone or rub my forehead twice
  11. [​IMG]
  12. I have a table in my bathroom, you know those one in grade school. and i just sleep and shit.
  13. Read archie comics like a boss
  14. Nothing I do anymore, but back when I was younger, I would always pretend that the whole bathroom area would like lift off and fly into space....this is was in 4th grade :p
  15. OMG if you are serious I read shampoo bottles also! Thought I was the only one..

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