What do you do on the days where it seems like everything that can go wrong, does?

Discussion in 'General' started by xsaqzw, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Just like the title says everyone has those days where you just feel like skipping ahead a week but can't? The days where all of life's struggles just beat the shit out of you and then throw you in a nice steaming pile of dog crap? :confused:

    Btw, I'm really high is that sounded strange. Sorry.
  2. Remember that tomorrow's just around the corner.

  3. my friend was having one of these today. so we bought an ounce of weed and smoked a lot until he either forgot his problems, solved his problems, or came to agreement with the fact that his life currently sucked, lol. the weed helped tho, no doubt. then we ate burger king, and hershey sundae pies are delicious
  4. I just had one of those day recently.
  5. I smoke weed.
  6. Right, weed is great and all but I don't want to start just smoking weed to escape from my problems. I like to use it as a way to eliminate boredom or enhance whatever you would be doing anyways.
  7. Smoke and sleep it off. Tomorrow is another day.
  8. i sleep. if i need to cry, i cry.

    and no matter what happens. i always have my bass guitar

    :) No matter how bad things get, if i have my bass, i can live and get over shit
  9. Thats where im at right now, but for verious reasons i cant smoke to make it a little better:(:(:(:(:(
  10. I wish I had something similar to that. It seems like I've lost all of the fun hobbies I used to do. Just messing with my paintball gun, and going to play paintball used to be that way for me. It seems like I drifted away from it like you would drift away from a close friend (which is happening).
  11. There are times where I wonder if I have any luck at all. Life has been a challenge for me. It has not been easy. But then I have to wonder, is there a way to totally hit rock bottom? I mean eventually things will get better. Or at least I hope. It would suck if it didn't get better because other what's the point of life.
  12. Think about it like an oscillating wave(like a sine curve)....on good days, it goes above baseline, and on bad days the wave goes below baseline.

    If your days were always good, wouldn't your baseline be way higher? Then, a normal day would feel bad, and only wonderful days would be good. Good and bad are only found in perspective, and bad is needed to have good.
    So, look on the bright side. Eventually, it will get better, and you will go above baseline.

    Or, just watch that Annie video above.
  13. nothing

    because nothing can't go wrong

    or i just get drunk
  14. you're a good friend
  15. Smoke a bowl and go for a walk. or a bike ride. thats what I do. Smoke a bleezie and ride round the hood on the cruiser. play play basketball, jus don't lock urself up in the house get out and do somethin.

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