What do you do on rainy days???

Discussion in 'General' started by joliver88, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Its rainin its ass off outside, Im sittin here gettin blazed and lurkin on GC with my IPOD on shuffle... kind of relaxing
  2. Love rainy days when I have no school or work, get soooooo high all day, and play video games,. I like smoking joints under y patio on rainy days.
  3. play in the rain....
  4. dance dance dance
  5. Rainy weather is the most enjoyable for me.
  6. Rainy is the best, but windy... Hate the wind!
  7. that is one hell of a lazy ass day... sounds nice... I have kids though so I only have a couple hours worth of a window in the afternoon
  8. Just smoked a bowl about an hour ago and now am doing a little work while browsing the internet and watching tv.
  9. It rained today. I had to go to class anyway. Fuck rain.
  10. I love rainy days. I love those weeks were its dark and rains every single day. Just a great comfortable feeling. Im moving to the northwest next year too YAY
  11. Smoke,get high,play a game of sorts.Go to an indoor skatepark or something.
  12. how can u hate the wind? everything just looks so... sexy in the wind.
  13. Xbox, Xbox, Blaze, More Xbox.
  14. nothing differently. stay indoors and play vidyas :D
  15. rain = best time to run
  16. [quote name='"Sweetleaftoker"']Xbox, Xbox, Blaze, More Xbox.[/quote]

    This, except blaze, xbox, blaze xbox blaze.
  17. I play mw3, sit on GC and buy/smoke weed if I can get ahold of my dealer
  18. I ended up goin to the mall
  19. What I love about rainy season is that it is a good day to procrastinate and sleep all I want.
  20. I play grand theft auto 4 ! or battlefield 3. or black ops.

    Get grand theft auto 4 on your computer. You could probably download it (illegally) for free.

    Or smoke

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