What Do You Do For a Living?

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What do you do for a living

  1. High Paying Job if so What and how much you make

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  2. Shity Job if so what

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  3. Unemployed

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  4. Docter

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  5. Lawyer

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  6. Teacher

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  7. Student if so college high school or what

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  1. Hello i am just wondering what kind of jobs you guys all have please post thank you
  2. What do I do for a living?

    I work 10-12 hours a day 6-7 days a week. Then i come home and get stoned while posting on GRASSCITY!!!!!

    Some times I work late and I just get stoned!!!!!!!!!
  3. Bud Head sounds chill, I cant wait till Im at your level and im working and smoking and chillin all day. No school or parents or curfew to worry about, know what im sayin??? Be thankful for that :)

    I however.....am a bum
  4. i work 12 hrs a day, 8 days a month lol, in Admitting in our trauma centre/emerg. then i come home and light one up!

    man budhead that's some hard hrs u got goin there!

    xxjwxx, your time will come. i wish i was in your shoes at times!
  5. Right now Im a bum, but in the next week or 2 I will be a model employee of the Food Lion Corporation (yeah rite), toss that in with college and thats my career rite now.
  6. I help deliver and take care of babies!!! But my favorite part of the day is coming home and getting blinded!!!!
  7. I deliver newspapers and do other random things for money. A surprisingly small amount of it is illegal.
  8. I work for a living.

    The day i become independently wealthy i will stop "working" but will still probably busy myself somehow. =)

  9. im actually a medical assistant.... and yup, i get high EVERY day!! :smoking:

    I really always hated that people thought stoners would just not amount to anything....PUH LEASE i have been smoking for YEARS and have pulled quite a few 4.0s i must say...:D
  10. im a beauty school drop out. HAHAHAHA. yeah thats where I pick up chicas at. HAHAHAHAHA yeah. no well actually I AM A BUM. not going back to school. not college type school anyway. I dont likey anymore. I am working a shitty J-O-B for a bunch of alcoholics, which helps ME out a lot seeing that I love to purge in alcoholism myself...I am trying to make some money BUT oh where oh where does that green go? to support my habits and previous drinking and driving fun times, oh the memories that will never fade until they are paid.
    trying to find a place in the world but damn this lost soul of mine, wading out into the deep diamond covered sea..! I cannot see anything but the blue sky and sea before me. screw work, I want to live on the beach on a tropical island merking among the locals where I will one day be accepted for not conforming to the everyday grind of the working blind.
    now back to my drink...ugh. work in 10 hours. just realized how lazy I thought I was but am not really, considering the lazy fucks I clean houses for. huh. this is crazy. I just want to be lazy. what to do, oh what do to..shall i tear up this bill too? yes. and then spend all my spare time on the city, and rhyme. jesus. what is going on here
  11. stories always go better with pictures. member dr. suess?

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  12. currently i am a student and finantial aid pays for the roof over my head and the food in my stomach but before i'd work 11-15 hour nights 4-6 days a week usually 70 hours a week or so and i smoked multiple blunts and slept while on duty that was the life now i will start to make pocket money by selling everclear which is illegal to buy in washinhton state which means that i will have a monopoly on its sale as soon as my shipment comes in.
  13. i am an unemployed ass hole

    i used to work 5 or 6 days a week

    running my own roofing crew in tampa fla

    i had 2 people working for me

    and life was good

    now i live in alaska where i have to whore myself out on the radio..to do any job any one will call me up to do!

    one day i will make enuff money to get back on the ferry
    and go to a state where i can work again!!!!

    hey D you know i got to get off the ferry in Wa right

    do they need any roofers down there?
  14. hit the north slope dingus!...im stoned.
  15. Zia........delivering and care for newborns is indeed like watching miracles happen everyday!!!!!!!! The babies help me to realize that there is still pure and innocent beings born into the world everyday. My job is definitely bringing out the motherly side in me. It's alot better than cancer paitents.......I stay depressed all the time when I worked there. My current job is usually one of the happiest places one could work in the hospital.
  16. hey i wait tables when there is work too!

    and take care of 4 kids!

    laundry has become a nightmare!

  17. on eagle crest?

    shit i ran off the road comeing down that mountain last year....lol

    crashed into the snow so deep i had to climb out the window!

    took 4 hrs to dig me out...

    and still had to have some guy in a biger truck pull me out!

    i like being up there better when there is no snow!
  18. lol yup thats me alright...i dont understand why I cant get a job. well Im trying right now for Wawa. I used to work there but Im going for the 40hr week. not having a car sucks cause Id go inshore for a job or maybe over to the casinos. I need to start saving $$!!
  19. LOL critter

    I go to work to take vacations from the days I spend all day at home!
  20. I'm a NEtwork Administrator for a Food Distribution warehouse in Ny. And yes I smoke, but geeks and smoking go hand-in-hand...

    It's a Family owned company and I buy bud and smoke with the bosses son, which in 10 years he'll be my boss and promised we can blaze in his office on fridays...
    Rock on!

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