What do you do for a living?

Discussion in 'General' started by asus, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. I am interested in where everyone's welfare comes from.

    I myself am a student, I work on campus. I don't smoke during school, but I like to enjoy a nice toke during winter, summer, and spring breaks.

    I couldn't put my job at risk. :cool:

    Oh yeah, if you are a student, include your area of study. I'm currently double majoring in Biology and Bio Chemistry with a minor in Spanish.

  2. i sell babies.

    have a baby you don't want?

    need a baby you don't have?

    pm for details.
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    You're looking at it.

    Haha just kidding i'm a student too, civil engineering major at UCD, work for my parents every once in awhile on break to make some cash, otherwise i find other "endeavors" to make dough.
  4. I graduated from uni last year and am currently working as a full time waitress.

    My degree was in English studies. :D
  5. Good to hear you're making some cash Kevin. What are you studying?
  6. Blow glass, pound brews, and get laid. So I guess I have a major in glassblowing, and minors in bio chemistry and gynecology.
  7. I'm a high school history teacher at a private Christian school :)
  8. Civil Engineering, but switching to Community and Regional Development with a focus on Urban Planning.
  9. That is so badass! Way to break the stereotype! (which is pretty ill-founded in my opinion)
  10. i collect unemployment =/
  11. Living off the man.

    Have you thought about what you want to do?
  12. waiting for a response from pell grant....they take forever.....=/
    other than that, just waiting until spring arrives....then i'll get called back to my shitty jarb.
  13. Work in a mental health facility
  14. Factory worker + I.T. support for the factory. It's a long story.
  15. Do you get to work with the "crazies," or is it mostly office work?
  16. Im a student. Majoring in botony.:hello: Hopefully ill see it through till the end.
  17. I peruse marijuana forums and inform the police about growers/dealers.
  18. :hide:
  19. I smoke weed & post on GC for a living.

    Not making much of a living at the moment (weed).
  20. I'm a cog in a bureaucratic monster.

    My job title took up two lines of text. I erased it and replaced it with the above statement.

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