what do you do for a living?

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  1. the title says it all. I was just kinda wondering, because the weed smoking community ranges from bums to ex presidents, so its a very diverse group of people.
  2. I write anti-drug commercials.
  3. I smoke marijuana.
  4. I'll trade ya jobs!!!

  5. What kind of experience do you need to land a job like that? And how is the pay? Would I need to relocate, or are there openings in my area?

  6. You need to have owned at least 3 fingers on each hand for 18+ years, plus you must supply your own pair of lungs and have experience in breathing.
    Both inhaling and exhaling.

    The pay is decent, but you have to remind your boss to pay you.

    And you'll have to relocate, too.

    A little to your left...

    A little more...

    Sit up straighter...

    Perfect! You're ready!
  7. mooch off my parents and go to college... thug lyfe
  8. College

    Plymouth State University
  9. :hello: government ROFLMAO :hello:
  10. School for now hopefully soccer soon
  11. i smoke skunk.. :wave:
  12. i make pizza.
  13. sandwich construction engineer.
  14. i too build pizza's
  15. I also build pizzas! And I also drive them to people sometimes.
  16. i run an island where midgets fight against each other to earn their freedom

    its a quite profitable business
    plus we have midget pie every tuesday
  17. how can i enter this business?
  18. i work at wawa

  19. I used to be a shift supervisor at Wawa. Good times, good times.
  20. Last job was what seems to be the most common on here, making and delivering pizzas. Always stoned. Always.

    Right now, just a hustlin' student.

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