What do you do for a living

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  1. I run a vintage Appliance (such as old radios, TV'S, turntables, and projectors) repair service and it's quite profitable actually


    the specialty guy
  2. I run drug tests on urine, oral fluid and blood samples. Yes, I'm serious. It pays $15.71 an hour.
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    I'm a sleazy sales man. Salary, commission and benefits. Loving my job is also a benefit.

    Also, I became a sales man after watching the wolf of wall street.
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    That's awesome. Our local guy went under and what about my ancient Harman Kardon stereo receiver, who's gunna fix that?

  5. I sit at a desk all day and wonder where it all went wrong
  6. I am a God...And We don't call it a living, We call it 'Eternity.'[​IMG]
  7. Oyster farmer

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  8. Primarily boring website/content management work nowadays. But occasionally more fun things and real programming. Used to almost exclusively do data mining but haven't had any clients for that kind of work in ages
  9. Machine operator making the best PVC frames for windows and doors money can buy.
  10. No offense, but I hope for all of our sake that you suck at your job
  11. I probably could. Just send a pic and I'll give you a qoute (usually I charge about $20-$25 for a repair of a radio).


    the specialty guy
  12. Been building injection molds all my (long) life, and self-employed for the past 31 years. Thinking of retiring but can't pull the trigger yet.

    I learned how to do all this the old way from a lot of old-time German immigrants, long before computers, but it's much easier now with the help of PCs. We can also build much more complex tools than we could before.

  13. im 19 so still studying in college as a dental assistant, almost done :) . Its funny because I'm doing tons of homework whilst browsing on GC hahah
  14. Machine operator until I start school in the fall

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  15. Assistant manager of video game store

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  16. I grow trees from seed and cuttings - proper trees, not tree - mainly conifers but broadleaves too. Working currently with some genetically modified stock from our own orchard.
  17. Desk jockey.
  18. car mechanic, not sticking too it for too long though, want something better.
  19. i do real estate stuff.....right now I'm flipping a house

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