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What Do You Do For A Living?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by rubit, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Just get a sense of the different type of people who blaze.

    I'm a student at a university. Studying economics and E com.
  2. Community College getting Gen Ed...
  3. Overnight stock clerk in a grocery store.
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    Studied Politics and I work with homeless alcoholics, prescription medication addicts, weed users (mainly harm reduction, weed can be abused too) who want to cut down, but I'm not a social worker.

    Stay in school kids. And graduates don't need to worry too much about finding a job if they work hard after it. I worked in 4 call centres, a hotel, and elderly homes (usually all at the same time over a few months going shift by shift for some jobs which was cool) in the two years between graduating and finding a career.

    On my days off (like today, starting a new job soon and took a few days off) I wake and bake every time.
  5. Im the outreach coordinator for a women's healthcare facility.

    hooray to salaried jobs! Now I know I can afford my weed. Before this I was a waitress at olive garden lol
  6. Attending college. Working 30+hours a week. all while spreading greenery...Im never bored lol
  7. College student, pursuing my degree in Corporate Finance and hope to be an attorney after I graduate.

    Right now I'm a server at a restaurant
  8. I smoke good tree for a living, thank you sir or ma'am
  9. Self-employed toolmaker.
  10. Customer service at Canadian Tire
  11. Student at university studying aerospace engineering, have various part time jobs
  12. Merch guy for punk bands.
  13. I do Construction and all kinds of home remodeling and repair.
  14. Student at uni
  15. I work as an IT HelpDesk Analyst for a major fast food chain. The restaurants call us when their computers and stuff aren't working. I am on the fence about the job but it pays ok.....
  16. I'm in college, a father to a 7 month old, and trying to look for a job. I'm 23.
  17. I do executive customer service for an automotive company. I'm the guy who answers the phone at the "office of the president" and talks to people who's children died in a car accident and the air bags never went off etc. I don't know how I got this job honestly, I'm terrible at bullshitting people, I hate lying, the cars we sell are garbage and we all know it.
  18. I would say but if I did
  19. I implement project management software at IT companies. Currently working on a project at the Air Force.

    My job title is "Consultant", but that doesn't really say much :p
  20. I smoke weed all day everyday!!!!

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