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What do you do conserve your weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by amateurblazer, May 9, 2011.

  1. When I start running low, I smoke half packed bowls instead of full ones. I am down to my last few bowls and what I did was pack 2 half bowls (1 full bowl of weed) and then packed half a bowl of roach weed (brown and dirty, it can still get you high though) and to make sure the roach weed did get me high, I sprinkled some kief on top of it. Ik it kinda sucks to go all through this when running low forcing yourself to conserve, but many of us do it. So, what do you do to conserve your weed?
  2. i smoke half bowls too when im runnin low
  3. half bowls, space out my smoking throughout the day
  4. Also when I start running down to about 3g's (i usually buy half o's) I grind up the rest of it and just let it sit out so I can see how much I actually got left. Idk its just something I do, otherwise I hate having to grind up those beautiful nugs. Might have to go on a one day t-break, but thats not big deal.
  5. I usually just cut back a little bit and smoke only at night/every other day, plus it keeps your tolerance down a marginal amount.
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    Yeah I usually say 3-5 hours before another session.

    Yes I am really thinking about quitting wake and baking because that just makes you more dependent on it in the end. it fucking is not worth it, but I will not lie. Waking up at 6am and smoking and laying back in bed feels so fucking good it is the best thing in the world. I lay there in bed before I have to get up in the morning on a shitty Monday morning. What really is about 45 minutes in bed before i get up feels like forever, and I will miss not going through my morning activities high. But shit, if it means a lower tolerance, then fuck. Would not smoking until after 4pm everyday have any positive effect regarding tolerance? Considering 4pm is when I get done with all my priorities and am free for the day.
  7. Instead of hitting the bong I'll smoke a my tiny bowl/ g-bong. Nothing conserves like a g...
  8. I got a vape
  9. I start smoking my vaped weed. Yeah, it tastes like pure asshole, but it gets the job done hahahaha If you mix it with some good weed, it's not so bad.
  10. On a gravity bong do you inhale while you push down or no? I tried to make and use one once, but I had trouble using it.

    Would a bowl of plain old vaped weed and nothing other than that get you high and keep you high?
  11. just take manageable one hitters from a bong

  12. Yes, you have to inhale as you push down on it. If not then it all just gets everywhere. You can also inhale and not push down, just suck the water up the bottle instead.

  13. It really depends on how hard you vaped it. If it's really dark brown or black, it won't get you very high, but otherwise you should at least get buzzed. Just don't expect it to be that good haha
  14. I'll smoke once every a couple of days when I get low, then once I have scraped enough money togeather to pick up I'll smoke it. If you get vaped weed I would make some food with that shit!
  15. When I get low, I usually smoke it all in one session. I hate the idea of trying to conserve it, I'd rather just get high as fuck and enjoy it

  16. Damn, I haven't thought of it that way, I'm going to try that next time and see how I feel on that forced t-break. :smoke::smoke:
  17. grinder + vape + 1/8th of dank = 2 weeks of getting high multiple times per day.
  18. I have a mason jar and when I buy I usually just put half in that and save up. I got 2g of platinum kush 3g of purple haze and 1g of vanilla kush left... But it helps to just split it up like that. Well for me anyways.
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    This doesnt seem right... Lol i go through a quarter every two days

  20. i think you're doing something wrong hahahah

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