What do you do after you smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by crawford, May 11, 2010.

  1. Besides chillin at home, what are some of the things you guys do after a nice sesh with some friends.
  2. With friends: We usually go out somewhere to a party or like just chill out n play video games n eat. then we eat some more. Then we pass out, wake up, and eat again. :D hahah

    By myself kind of session: I find the furriest, fuzziest blanket I can find, get naked, lay on my bed, watch Tv while eating my myself into another dimension and using my dog as a pillow. Ive developed this weird habit of listening to my iPod WHILE watching Tv. Idk if this is normal but it just feels so "right" when im stoned.
    sorry if this sounds a bit stupid, lol :smoking:
  3. ^ Haha:p

    Hmmm, walk around the park, drive around, ask the question "so where do we go"

    Get on computer, roll another L .
  4. Dude, I'm sorry to be a buzzkill, and I love you avatar, but theres a new thread with this question every day man, its killin' me.
  5. With friends: We'll usually go out and do something or play games and chill.

    By myself: As soon as I take the last hit I light up a Filter King and log on to GrassCity.

  6. ^^As fun as these threads are, your all too right lol.
  7. Go outside, man. Ride bike, go for a walk, climb trees. Smoke a little more.
  8. Growing up I used to watch my T.V. in my bedroom on mute with the closed captioning on so I could listen to music at the same time.

  9. Ahhhhhh. I know I am.

    I feel as if these constant repetition of threads is occuring not because of the inability of members to use the search button, but rather a strong urge to create your own threads and being a part of the community and not being capable of thinking of a creative new thread, so they create a thread they know the most people will respond too.

    That is of course, just my educated.... assumption.
  10. I like to do my daily finger push-ups and get to work at playing some video games!:smoking:

  11. I'm not sure why, but there's not much that beats rubbing a supppper soft blanket on your naked body. It's just...perfect. Same goes for swimming naked (in a pool, not a nasty fucking lake). There's just something so pure and peaceful about it, it's awesome.

    After I read this, I scrolled back up to look at OP's avatar. When I saw it was Jonathan the fucking zombie, I literally burst out laughing and couldn't stop for a solid minute. Fucking Jonathan, I swear...

    But yeah, threads like this pop up all the time...
  12. Your moms face.

  13. It's kinda funny as hell when the music or lyrics sync up with whoever's talking or dancing on TV.

  14. If only I could figure out how to get captioning on this shit TV....

    I remember back when it was colder outside, around thanksgiving, I used to just lay on my warm room, naked, on this AMAZING $80 FOX hoodie that i bought. The inside is covered in this really soft fur, the hood, the sleeves, the whole body area, it is pure euphoria. That was definitely my zen spot for the time. As for swimming goes, I have yet to try it. I was either too afraid that I would drown myself because i dont trust myself sometimes and I decided to play it safe and just not swim of when I actually wanted to do it, my pool was closed for the winter. I think I might do it soon when I open my pool.

    Uh- Oh, We got another Einstein sitting here... :D The search button on this site is actually very useful compared to other sites. This one you have wayy more options lol.

  15. I like turtles.

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