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What Do You Consider Yourself?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokin&tokin, Mar 22, 2003.


what do you consider yourself more....

  1. im a motha fuckin pot head

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  2. im a STONER 4 EVER!

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  3. their is no difference

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  4. i never thought bout it...

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  1. do you guys consider yourself a pot head, or a stoner... and what are your opinions on what the difference is....
  2. I'm a stoner chic to the max!
  3. I'm a stoner, for sure...being called a pot head doesn't offend me, though. I prefer stoner if I have to choose!!! :)
  4. A STONER 4 ever!
  5. 100% stoner here

  6. Nooooooo.....

    I'm me too!

  7. Stoner, all the way :D
  8. kewl..... thats weird cus i consider myself a stoner too..
  9. Ya, I think I'd have to go with stoner at this point. Pothead just sounds like a junkie or something.
  10. I'm a neo-hippie :)
  11. i'm just me... no other way to describe it :D
  12. of the two options i really don't think there's a difference. but i still chose stoner as i use that term more.

    nothing wrong with pot head.
  13. pothead..heh
  14. It's just a part of life, so i guess i don't really think about it, but i just love gettin stoned and going out trials riding, skating, mountain biking, or just walkin around town takin pictures of some of the cool shit around town.

    It eases the pain of going over the bars off a 5 foot wall tho, and now i don't even feel any bruised ribs or pulled muscles so i'm gonna get my ride on.

  15. I have to say that I'm a normal (ok, so maybe a little on the kinky/freakish side......LOL), everyday person that happens to have a wierd love affair with marijuana!!!!!! LOL
  16. i call myself a stoner... i dont really think there is a difference between the two though...
  17. UH to describe me in one word... EXPERIENCE?! Every day is a new begining with Marry Jay... mostly cus i can't remember any details to the previous... just jokin', really cus pot gets the old gears in me brain crankin' and well all my best ideas are when i am "stoned" there fore... weed = stoned people, stoned people = my weed supply, weed supplier = stone-ee, huh guess that makes me a stone-ee!?
    Another Day

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