what do you call your piece

Discussion in 'General' started by Ace7644, May 28, 2004.

  1. we've all seen half baked, and know that they had cool nicknames for their smoking tools like billy bong thorton and wesly pipes, ive also herd of james bong. does anyone else out there have any cool names like that for a pipe or bong?
  2. lol james bong, pierce brosnon got caught buying a $1,000 piece at a headshop in cali.....
  3. what for real? ^ I didnt know that
  4. I never name any of mine.. should I be ashamed?
  5. Nah, I didn't name my first two pieces (only living piece is a bong named sonja). But my friends and I plan to get a five person bong to celebrate our new house. We shall call it Gary. *meow*
  6. my bongs name is jerry
  7. i have this little pipe i named "little shit" because it is home made....but when there is tree in it i call it green shit....lol

  8. where at?
  9. ive got Obi Bong Kenobi in my room.

    then ive had the clone (pipe had an identical but mirrored brother at the store, might go pick it up sometime)

    also the 20 pipe (looked like a 2 that went into a zero, imagine a sherlock shaped like a 2, and the bowl would be where the comma was there, sorta 2o << that style.)

    then theres the Green Lanter, The Purple Bong, Mels Bong, Science Bong, Sky Bowl, Party Bowl, The Shaft, the Three Man, the Vape, Woody..

    i think thats all for now. you can see most of the names are pretty original.

    the key to naming pieces is getting really stoned, and you just call it something once, then the name sticks. you cant sit there and think of a name, then you get something bogus.

  10. yeah too right, my little piece is called homer, and i dont even remember the session wen i gave it that name...

    also any green lighter's i get are called trogdor, named after a cartoon dragon on home star runner, but only green ones :p
  11. my bong is named the yellow submarine, my red spoon is guyute (phish song) and my blue spoon is ghostrider...my wooden pipe is old man time

    ive also named some friend's pieces, my friends hammer is called the hamburglar and his bong is The Spork (stoned conversation on the way to wendys...long story)
  12. my spoon is called lili

    that pierce brosnan thing is true. i saw the video stills in a cannabis culture mag i have.
  13. Old Man whistler..because it whistles when you inhale..then the Boomrod Resinator 5000...too short to be a "boomstick", and it has a resin chamber built into the carb...

    .whatever..i was high
  14. spoon named lady luck

    my lighter named toodles, or mr. toodles

    and my bubbler named fetish...named it like 4-5 times but keep on forgetting the names........lol!
  15. My lil' pipes called sparky! wow, my posts are so inspirational...

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