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What do You Call Marijuana and Smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Buffalove, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. My buddies say "We gotta go see a man about a horse"

    Don't know what it means, but its catchy.

  2. LOL. When I was a kid, we use to call weed; Movies. And blazing; Watching a movie.

    "Hey, wanna go watch a movie"?

    I use to ask my dealer for weed on the phone in the same room as my parents like this

    "Hey man, wanna go to the theaters tonight? I'm just gunna get a 1/4 softdrink, cause im not very thirsty"
  3. Smoking- Tokin it up, blazin, chillin with the buddies (my personal faviorte :D), gettin dat ganja, gettin medicated. :smoke:

    Weed-Ganja, da bud, weed :rolleyes:, herb, danky dank, "Yo, you gotta bag?", :bongin: I cant think of anymore at the moment, :hello:
  4. For smoking, I call smoking, blazing, getting high.

    For weed, weed, ganja, smoke, pot.

    Nothing fancy. Just call it what it is.
  5. Me and my mates call weed John and the bong The Australian


    Yo dude i got John to come and hang out with us can you bring The Aussie
  6. Bud, weed, tree, herb, devils lettuce, chronic and dank.

    Smoking or burning
  7. The nickname generally used for Marijuana around the 412/Pittsburgh area is bud.

    We call smoking...smoking.
    We don't need fancy names.
    Example conversation to drug dealer...

    "Hey, do you have bud?"

    Example conversation to friends...

    "Wanna smoke?"

    That's how we roll :)
  8. weed= bud, green, grass

    smoking= smoking, spark up
  9. medicine.....medicating
  10. i live in southern illinois and we usally just call it tokin up or blazin.

    and for myself i usally call it bud or green. " you know where i can get some green man?"
  11. Weed, herb, green, hippy cigarettes.

    Blaze one up, smoke, toke, burn, BBQ.
  12. Smokin or blazin or stonin. I've literally never used the term 'toke' around here.

    Marijuana= Weed, Pot around here
  13. marijuana - bud, weed, pot and marijuana
    smoking - smoke, toke, spark up (only when i'm boutta light up a blunt)
  14. raindeer games.. raindeer feed..
  15. Most people where I live call it ganja, herb, and tree.

    Smoking is called blazing or burning.
  16. i call marijuana bud, weed if im trying to sound smart XD
    i call smoking blazing, when i say smoking i mean smoking cigs
  17. I usually call it weed, or sometimes bud.

    Most people just say smoke when referring to smoking weed.
  18. I call it: pot. Buddies call it weed usually.

    Smoking: Toke, blaze are most commonly used.

  19. represent the 716 :smoke:
  20. I call smoking, smoking and marijuana weed or cannabis.

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