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What do You Call Marijuana and Smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Buffalove, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. I'm a lone toker...NONE of my friends smoke. So when I need to, I just tell them "I'm gonna burn one, cool?"
  2. Fuck YEAH bro haha. :D
  3. Marijuana nickname in my area: Bud, bush, weed, bally.

    Refrences to smoking: Blazing, burning, toke, puff, piffing.
  4. I call weed faso.
    And smoking, fumar faso.

  5. i use bud too, but other than that same. little lingo get annoying after a while

    other day this surfer was talking about weed and i could hardly tell he was with his lingo, as i went by him i just said OH YEAH FER SURE SURFER
  6. Weed = BUD

    Smoking = LETS GO SMOKE

    haha pretty simple shit

  7. lmfaoo, yeah :D.
  8. I usually call Weed "Weed, or Trees" around my friends, and around family/and other people we call it "Blueberries" like lets go eat some blueberries.

    If I want to tell my friend to go smoke, I just either say lets toke, or lets eat some blueberries :D
  9. I always say bud, and yeah blazing is what people call it around here, usually only if they're smoking a blunt for some reason. I just call it smoking :smoke:

    EDIT: "Tree" and "green" are two other common ones.
  10. when my mates and I where in highschool, we would call weed "candy" and when were going to smoke we just said "we got some candy". We just used it so we could talk about it openly during school or parents and such.
  11. MJ: Tree's, Squeeze, Weed.

    Smoking: Burn(ing), Getting Bugged, Spark.

    Theres a lot more but these are the most common.
  12. call it green, and smoking
  13. Cheef, toke, blaze, get lifted for smoking.

    Greens, bud for bud.

    But occasionaly we make up words when around people that don't know. Like we can just look at each other n say "ah-ha" n know.
  14. I always call it cannabis or pot. And smoking, I call it smoking. Or in a different context I will "take a hit". But yeah slang is pretty much the same everywhere. I hear a lot of people say blazing, toking, sparking, etc.
  15. I call smoking "Shooting the breeze"
    and marijuana "inspiration" haha
  16. Name - herb,bud,plant
    Smoking - blazing, hanging out with Marry Jane, Burning the trees (or something relevent to wildfires to Californa in class.. I usually just say herb and smoking but a few of the younger kids around me try to keep it a secret)
  17. Down in south florida we call it "pine" and when referring to smoking I say "Lets ease the earth"​
  18. well in my area we call smoking burning one and marijuana is grass,ganja,weed the list goes on
  19. I usually don't come up with too many nicknames for all that

    I say "got some bud?" or "got trees?" haha
    & for smoking I usually say blazing or to keep it simple I just say "I wanna smoke" :smoke:

    But there have been some crazy names in the past.
    My friend's dad used to come in the room in the morning & be like "whiskey bravo?"
    Which apparently stands for wake & bake :laughing:
  20. Smoking


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