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What do You Call Marijuana and Smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Buffalove, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Hey guys in your areas what do you most often call smoking and marijuana. In Buffalo we almost always call smoking blazing and marijuana bud. So what do you say in your part of the globe?
  2. I've been saying toking it up and blazing it down recently. Very directional lol. Gotta call the buds the buds ha, or maybe cannabis if I'm feeling taxographic
  3. I just call it bud. "Yo you got any bud man" :smoke:

    As for ssmoking yo you wanna smoke...straight up or toke...
  4. We call it marijuana, cannabis, weed, and pot, and we call smoking smoking.
  5. The usual terminology around here is to blaze, spark up, light up.

    However my group of mates call it 'pex ' the name came about when we went to our mates uni we were still really new to smoking and no one could roll so my mate asked his dealer to sort us out with some weed and if he could roll up 1-2 js for us the guy gives it to us in a polar express dvd case and goes you guys ready to ride the polar express so we just abbreviated it to pex hence my name iPex lol that j was amazing got us stupidly high off half of it lol

    good thing about it is we can just text each other pex and about 10-20 mins later the group is together lol we've even used parents to pass on the message like hey can you give my mate a message? tell him pex thanks no one has any idea :p
  6. Names: Weed (most common for my area); green (my most used name); bud; ganja; mary-haua-na (big accent when saying marijuana)

    Smoking: Smoking (duh); light it up; blaze; take a toke; burn one down; vape (my case, I have no desire to smoke anymore... haha)
  7. Hittin' some weed.
    Applies to smoking and vaping, and I see no need to get fancy on the terminology.
  8. i call marijuana trees, and if i wanan smoke i smoke.
  9. Trees, bud. greenery, and burning or blazing.
  10. marijuana- bud, baloskis, herb

    smoking- smoke, smoke out, getting lit, blaze, blow
  11. weed - tree
    smokin- burnin

    i.e. got any tree? wanna burn?
  12. Names for maryjane - weed, bud, or trees

    Smokin - burn, blaze, smoke a bong, or gettin baked

    Pretty sommon terms I'd say:smoking: :bongin:
  13. smoking = blazing

    weed = herb

    But sometimes it differs, depending on who Im with.
  14. I coined the phrase with my friends by saying, "wanna go do that pot stuff?"
  15. back in middle school we would always call it "playing mario" "hey you wanna go to my house after school and play mario " lol
  16. Bud. I hate the word "pot"... so much. I love the word "bud" though.
  17. I've heard my brother say tweed a few times, I normally stick to weed, i also don't like how pot sounds.

    One of my coworkers and I used to call it "bagels" or "eating some bagels" so we could talk about it at work but once I forgot and got really confused when he said he knew a bagel salesman that was really unprofessional, haha.
  18. LOLOLOLOL! Yes thats awesome haha. Im gonna have to use that one for the lulz :p
  19. Around our wives/family we call it lettuce, and the act is eating sandwiches.

    We also call the act "adapting" and the product/piece adapters. Not surprisingly, both were coined by the goofiest guy in the group
  20. weed :yeah.

    "you got some yeah? "yeah".

    "so you tryna yeah with the yeah?" "yeah".

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