what do you call it when..

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. ...you place an order.

    i usually just ask for weed.

    i never ask for:

    i was w/my friend the other day and he called his dealer and asked for a dime of "marijuana" and enunciated the word marijuana very clearly. and i was like dude, wtf?
  2. I might say tree's. Bud, Weed, Herb, Smoke, Some others. Im drunk as a mother fucker i cant think. Let alone type.
  3. i just say what's up you have anything? and he'll say 5-0 if he has $50 eighths...6-0 for $60 headies, etc etc we never even mention weed in a call
  4. You I usually say you got anything. and if they ask how much I just say 1/8th 1/4, O whatever.
  5. i usually just say, you got any bags? or you holding? and then ill say how much i want... i dont really use terms for pot.
  6. yea, i just say if he got anythin.. not so hard
  7. My friends always ask me if I got anything going on and they they tell me either a "Number One" "Number two" or a "Zone"
  8. "got any good drugs" haha cause i don't always just want reefer

  9. you remind me of family Guy when peter was lando griffin
  10. yo you got any trees? or i say bud instead of trees

    then followed by "it better be real good you asshole" haha :)
  11. Gimme that reef!
  12. "Got some wood?" or "you straight?" and they'll tell me how much they got
  13. "eyyyy maaaaan, you got some buuud?"

  14. i just say "hey can you hooke me up with a (amount of weed. for ex: 20 bag)" cause the dealer i get from dosnt rly sell any other drugs and he would know what im talking about cause i get the same thing from him every week.
  15. Over the phone, I'll say "Hey man, got any luck?" (stole it from one of my good friends). Or bud, herb, smoke, buddah, green, ect... Just be non-schelant (sp?)

  16. Most the time just say some thing like "Hey, hows it going ? got any buds ?"
  17. For me its either "yo, can you give me some help with somethin?," or I'll just ask for a slice.
  18. "anyone got any drugs? im looking to score some drugs."

    yea i usually just ask for a menu, cuz pot aint the only thing i waste money on.
  19. i never just call and ask for weed, i just call a buddy and say whats going on man wanna puff and i go over there or he comes here or whatever and i figure shit out from there
  20. hahah what

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