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What do you call being high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by budsmoker42, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. everybody has their own terms for being high. whats yours? I.E. baked, blasted, faded, ect.
  2. depends on how high i am, when i was younger my friend and I made a chart for how high we were and where each term belonged on the scale
  3. the key would be, getting to a point where you would say "oh man im so....yea dude...yea..." hahaha

  4. I would have to say Im HIGH when I cant remember things that happened 10 seconds ago. I find myself feeling drunk while walking, and feel like 2 minutes is 5 hours.hahaha
  5. me and this chick i know say full (its just some code we came up with not for the sake of being paranoid so much as being dumb) over the phone we refer to weed as tacos and high as full.

    other than that i usually just say baked one time i got reeeeaaallly stoned and then when someone talked to me i would just say dude...gone...leave a message lol
  6. The point where I ramble on about nothing and don't realise it, and can't remember things that happened like 5 seconds ago.
  7. We call it being cooked,fried,baked, and or in the cookery!:smoke:
  8. Where's I'm from it's either called "Butoy" (no idea why, it's not even a real word,although another word pronounced differently means a "bump")

    or "Buta" which means "Blind".
  9. high
  10. Semi High: Buzzed, Crispy, Warm, ect.

    High: Toasted, Bugged, Done, High, Stoned, ect

    Super High: Gone, Out, Bar'd, Dead, ect.
  11. blazed, stoned, fucked up
  12. evolving
  13. a smoker should be able to tell he's high, and i call it being high man
  14. i usually say I'm high, baked or stoned. That's it.
  15. wasted
    flummoxed (ok I only used that one once and people looked at me)

    ye we smoke some pretty good shit up here :cool:

  16. :laughing:

    Going Super Saiyan,But i get red eyes not green :devious: :D :bongin::metal:
  17. happy
  18. jigglypuffin
  19. Buzzed

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