What do you call a BLACKMAN who flys an airplane?

Discussion in 'General' started by pnoygangsta, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. A pilot you fuckin racist
  2. Oh you got me... :lol:
  3. worst thread ever.

  4. Yo dude are u aussie? Just wondering cus of that sig u got with the CFA guy
  5. How the fuck do you get banned posting once!?
  6. wow seriously how did he do that....
  7. poor guy, only posts once and hes already banned
  8. he did somethin...hmmm..i was bein nosey so i went to his page and started readin his comments....
  9. aha! he was fighting with the mods! Said on his profile
    Mystery solved, you can all get back to packing bowls and rolling joints now.
  10. Wow haha I was going to cuss out the poster of this thread but saw the post and laughed.
  11. haha, thats good, I'm not racist at all, I respect all races

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