what do you buy when you buy a movie ? (dvd, vhs..)

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Gri77oN, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. this thread i sspawned by a question asked by IGotTheCottons in seasoned tokers, he asked :
    if anyone has seen this movie... is it worth $60 to own? (speaking of Terror Toons)

    note: haemm. I haven't seen the movie so I don't know what it's worth.

    but this question startles me: it makes me wonder

    what do you /own/ when you buy a dvd ?

    for myself, i would say it would be a support for emotions, reflexions (spiritual/intellectual), or entertainement.

    I don't think i own anything else.

    So I woz wondering what is it you buy when you buy a movie ? ...
    because that's how I'd value if yes or not the price is worth it ..


    [i rather post a new thread here in philosophy then still his thread..]
  2. when you buy a movie you buy a movie.
  3. i meant do you buy a movie for its:
    main theme

    (you may add to the list)

  4. I buy DVD's although I still have a ton of VHS.

    My decisions are based upon different things. There are movies that I can watch over and over for many years to come because they're my favorites so I like to own them.

    I love classics.

    I also like collections...such as my Mr. Bean collection (LOVE HIM), The Simpsons and King of the Hill's. Tarantino movies. Kevin Smith movies. Hitchcock. Star Wars. LOTR.

    It's all about preference. I'm looking at all of my movies now and I have such a diverse collection that I can't really just answer with one thing. I have favorite actors but I don't always enjoy all of their movies and the same goes with directors.

    I don't even know where my stoned ass is going with this. I like movies. :D
  5. i only buy movies if 1: they have a good replay value 2:if the acting is good,for dramas 3: is the story any good 4: if other people i know say its good ill buy it if its something taht seems interesting.
  6. well I would never buy a movie for the simple fact if i want to watch a movie the video store will have it.
    I dont know why you all buy movies.
    I know I cant watch a movie more than 3 times I would rather pull my dick than buy a movie

  7. Hence my question ..

    the movie I buy for its images allow me to travel to other places (may it be middle earth, Pr Xavier's school, or the bridge of the enterprise) whenever I want

    The movies I buy for their intellectual/spiritual content I buy to watch with friends in order to spawn debates.
    The movies I watch for the emotions (may it be love or terror, humor) I buy to be entertained once in a while.

    so ...

    .. ?
  8. if i buy a movie, its so i can laugh at it when I'm stoned. Just somthing for me and bunch of friends to do baked. I never watch movies when I'm not baked, and I don't get transported to were ever the movies are, i just like to watch 'em
  9. This is my First post but i figured id jump right into things...... Theres nothing like a movie that makes ya think when ya dazed out in your own little world... If i have to smoke by myself i better have my movie collection with me.... Like Reform MaryJane said early You must love the classics.... You must have your Scarface, casino, goodfellas.... All your Gangster movies. Ya Know ya gotta have your Robert donero Movies ( I tryed to spell it). Then ya got newer Movies like Kevin Smith and Quetin Tarentinos.... Plus you just gotta have your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, YOU JUST GOTTA HAVE IT.... I love My movies and if ya anit got them on DvD then you just dont have them. Then Ya got your basic stoner movies you have seen 3000 times each but sometimes you still watch them when ya throw a party, Like dazed and confused, Half Baked, cheech and cheech and chongs. I Can go on forever but ya must have them on DvD or its just a tease to see a great movie with crapy sound and screwed up tracking but it always nice to see the orginal ture VHS here and there.... But Before i quit rambuling * another failed attempt to spell* I must say you must own True Romance and Shashank Redemtion.... O And even though its got a chick flick title you must see All The Pretty Horses. O damn i bout forgot..... You need to see all good movies in theaters if you can to say your a real Fan, Cuz being stoned off your ass and seening a great movie people will watch 50 years from now stoned is Priceless.
  10. what about the full metal jackets and the romper stomers and your matrix movies ya just gota have them too.
  11. I don't buy movies, but I sure do download a hell of a lot. Anything that's good I'll burn so I can enjoy again another time. If I didn't have kazaa, I still wouldn't buy but two or three movies and I'd just watch what was on tv instead.

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