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What do you break weed up on?

Discussion in 'General' started by iTokeat420, May 25, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    Been using this for about a week or so. In the night, you can turn this on and see the weed, so you don't need any other light to break up weed and shit on. Only problem is it can draw attention :\, but haven't had any problems so far!!!

    Before I used to use my school books or a fast food tray.

    (P.S. - It flashes!)

  2. taco bell platter, or my kiniseology/pathology book, two very different things hahah
  3. blunts/joints: i have a little tray thing in my car lying around, usually use that.

    bowls: i never really use anything, i break it right from the nug into the bowl. i always make sure im sitting down, so any weed that i drop on my lap doesn't get lost.
  4. I have this wooden box that flips closed and can hold grinders and wraps
    comes in handy big time haha
  5. training day dvd son. straight g.
  6. I bust it up on kevin garnetts face :D ( sports illustrated mag methinks )
  7. something around me
  8. I use a grinder and notebook paper or computer paper usually.
  9. playboy, i know when a blunt is broken up good enough cuz i can cover every part of her except her naughty parts:D
  10. a flat surface
  11. the first piece of paper i can find.
  12. grinder plus paper. My house is filled with folded in half papers lol.
  13. 1.) grinder
    2.) shotglass + scissors
    3.) Hardback copy of The Origin of Species
  14. Nothing man, straight from the bud to the joint with my fingers. No grinders, no trays.
  15. Same here. Gotta love those grinders.
  16. at home i use shotglass + scissors and straight into the bowl/joint/blunt - ive gotten really good at not spilling bud. keeps fingers from getting sticky and less wasted bud from fingerfucking it.
    when i visit my parents house, in my old room i have a tin lid from those oldtime cookie tins and use my fingers to break up onto it. mainly for family holidays, ive started chopping at home and putting the chopped bud in a film cannister. you know, back when cameras used film and werent digital.
    one of my friends uses a grinder and has this tray from the thrift store that has a few sections that can be used to store buds, ground bud, stems, and an ashtray in it. pretty nifty and cool for only $2.
  17. Usually I have a paper plate laying around. Or I just break it up on my desk.
  18. Usually just a dvd or game case, or the table, nothin' fancy.:)
  19. Haha that thin gis awesome.

    I just break it up on any clean flat surface. I always break it up cause once I had a friend not clean off the desk he broke the bud up on and we ended up smoking bud with random bits of grime shit that was on my desk (tiny pencil shavings, etc, just random shit) lol

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