What do you Blades think of me?(1000th post)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by burnttwaffle, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Well blades, it happens to all active members sooner or later, you hit the big 1000

    being my 1000th post i smoked a bowl and am writing this.... and i was just wondering

    what do you blades think of me and all my posts iv made adding up to this 1000?

    im a little curious what people think i add or bring to the table on this E-city

    i think im out for the night, havnt been sleeping well that bowl is puttin me right to sleep:hello:...finally
  2. I mean i always thought u were a cool dude

    Plus u enjoy chinese food.

    And u smoke tree

    Whats not to like

  3. Thats what i was thinking,
    you seem like a chill dude:)
  4. I was going to make one of these threads of what people think of me but i just thought about it.. i dont really think iwant to know :X haha
  5. It's all love in the city man. Unless people have no clue who you are, so when you make a thread being like "What do you think of me?" everybody will reply saying who the fuck are you?

    Burnttwaffle your pretty chill and some of your posts have made me laugh when i was blazed. Your a good addition to the city!
  6. I think it's more important what you think of your posts. Congrats on your first 1000. Here's to another 1000.
  7. words of wisdom indeed.

    never hurts to hear what other people think and have to say to you or about you
  8. Besides the whole burnt waffle thing? But you do smoke weed and post on GC so that means you are the bizzomb, yo.
  9. Speaking words of wisdom..
    Let it be.



    burnttwaffle is a funny mothafucka!
  10. I enjoy all of your posts man.. stick around for another grand, then another

    It's quality members like you that balance out the bullshit and 15 year old kiddies here
  11. You're a sweet heart.
  12. congrats waffle, i too shall me joining the 1k club soon.

    i feel you are a nice addition to the city, you have nothing to feel self conscious about.

  13. I thought about doing this for my 1000.... I figured I would get that response^^^

    Waffle.... you're a cool dude....... congrats
  14. well since your from CT too you must be pretty cool i guess and your sig makes me crave waffles everytime i see a post you made makes u even cooler
  15. thanx dudes =)

    i plan on staying for at least a few more thousand!
  16. Your a dick! no man your cool im just drunk, happy hap on the 1000!
  17. You seem like a real cool guy. And I have to thank you for your thank you thread. =]
  18. someone once said "It's quality members like you that balance out the bullshit and 15 year old kiddies here "

    I think that applies to you.
  19. your waffle alter-ego seems hilarious and awesome
  20. No offense, I haven't exactly noticed you as the newest/hottest thing on the boards if you get me, but I've enjoyed your posts none the less.

    You seem to have common sense, which as in one of the best GC sigs; is not so common.

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