what do you believe in?

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  1. i believe in god,heaven and hell.

    i belive only assholes go to hell and people who deserve to go to hell.

    i believe in god because evolution doesnt have any solid facts.

    i believe in heaven in hell becuz...well i just cant contemplate life just ending and you becoming nothing over time.its to hard for mind to accept if anyone understands that?

    im not a jesxus freak or a christian but my beliefs i guess you could say are similiar to christian
  2. Are we on on the same planet???

    Personally i believe in flying spaghetti monsterism

  3. Evolution has much more realistic facts even though they aren't 100% proven.
  4. *ignoring the budding evolution debate*

    I believe in energy. Everything in the world has energy... you, me, trees, planets, ideas, bugs, bread, animals, the air, etc. All this energy is connected... it's all the same basic type of energy. If you want to try to look at it scientifically, we're all made of the same particles in the end. rotons, neutrons.. and so on. I don't know. I've not taken a science class in years. Anyway, we all have this energy. Some people put a face, or many faces on that energy to make it easier to identify with... friendlier, if you will.

    I also believe in some kind of afterlife, but in a very "What Dreams May Come" way. You build your own heaven, or your own hell. If you're ok with the kind of person you were, you'll create a heaven. If you have regrets and self-blame, you'll create a hell. But I also believe that just because a person is dead doesn't mean that they are no longer a force in your life. Every few weeks, I'll have a dream where I Sit down before my Grandmothers, Aunt, and mother (who are all dead), and just chat about life. I believe these are something more than just dreams.

    I guess the short verson is I believe in people and energy. :)
  5. i would say im eclectic (a mix of many different religions). i do believe in energy the same way, kinda, as quickdryink said. i mean its been proven time and time again it was proven 4000 years ago it was proven 40 years ago.

    i believe in introspection, like you have to look within yourself to find happiness and to find true love. i believe nirvana is this life like we are all gods but we just dont know it. we are all dead and this is it this is the afterlife we have reached nirvana but we were put in such a situation where it deteriorates from outside factors. again looking within, because thats where nirvana lies where true peace and happiness lie.

    im also sure that things are constantly changing so my belief may not be the same, i hope it changes, in the future.
  6. o ya please dont argue evolution/creationism theres already a 43 page thread on this site somewhere that had the argument. no one is wrong.:D

  7. i THINK i believe in God, still kind of searching/thinking about the whole heaven hell God issue. i was raised catholic and sometime around freshman year of high school i began thinking about how bullshit alot of what they were saying was(no offense towards catholics here, just stating how i have changed some)

    the only thing i could concentrate on during religion class was how they were trying to program my brain. if anyone brought up arguments about what they were saying they would be shot down and given LARGE lectures for the rest of the class, basically making it so they never spoke out of line again. This went on all 4 years of high school, which i ended up skipping religion class a lot during junior/senior year because i was sick of the bullshit, "okay grade me on faith, that is REALLY fair assholes".....i think going to a catholic high school made me LOSE faith just from how they forced it all down my throat without any consent
  8. I believe there are beings(or what have you) that are more advanced then us. What created the universe, if there is a god, why? I believe there was a big bang, then planets and galaxies formed from dust formations that began spinning due to other gravitational forces of clumps. As gravity forced matter together, the clouds became dense balls of matter(ie hydrogen) and as the stars cooled some would implode, others would just slowly die. Then life was formed on a planets as matter buildup would replicate, eventually having an error of somekind that reproduced matter faster than normal, then natural selection occured for 4 billion years untill today.
  9. im still searching for a basis in my life. I would be great if I had a extreme revelation or some sort of collosal insight thru lsd, dxm, or any other phsycadelic, but I know that will not come about easily unless i open up my mind to other avenues of thought. That's where, i believe, education comes in handy. However, i hope to one day reach a point where i feel any more info is unneccesary.. i hope to reach the day where i can abandon all of my knowledge, my life lessons, my ego; and start on a fresh slate with a new sense of reality.. a greater awareness.. whatever you may call it. Hopefully somethin "clicks" subconciously in the future. But as i read this over i can't help but feel that this whole thought is generic.. that it has been thought of before... actually, i know it's not original. I wish i could find this out intuitively... but i dunno where to start. Prayer? Meditation? Through drugs? I think the main thing that is holding me back is that so many people have tried this before me.. and i've just not seen much success. I pretty much KNOW that i won't ever be as intelligent as Einstien, or as peaceful as Ghandi, or as religious as a priest. sorry if it's hard to comprehend, i also wish i could articulate with more skill.

    thats why i want to wait till im better prepared to try the mind-expanding drugs. Shrooms dont count in my book b/c they just make me feel really high/giddy/stupid lol

    edit: and when i do take acid, im taking like 10tabs (as long as i know its pure + good)
  10. i dont have 1 certian blief, i believe whatt i know and have many ideas... i think there very well could and probabyl is some kind of higher being, i belienve in being a good person and that how u treat others is very impotant, and i know that when we die your energy leaves your body and goes somewhere (i think that might be a fact) and where it goes i hope to some day know

  11. u should not go about using drugs to change your way of thinking or anything man just search within ur true self dont go looking for it through substances.. im high as a kite

    Edit: If your on a drug its the drug doing it to u if your seeing an LSD based hillucination of god its make believe and ur not really seeing god, thats not how life works u dont take drugs to spritually change ur way of thinking if ur going to do them u dont over doit like an idiot and u doit with friends and to have fun etc.. ur talking about basically intentially making urself crazy and frying ur brain im sry but thats just moronic and id hate to see people doing this
  12. i don't have a religion. i try to be as fair and equal to everyone as i can. i am a very firm believer in karma. anytime i see the opportunity to help someone, i do. no one else should ever do something they feel isn't in their morals just because of an affiliation with something.

    i believe religion is just another step in the division of the people on the earth.
    on the subject of religion, i believe that no religion has any more truth to it than any other religion. there is no proof, just faith.

    p.s. - i hate when people don't say thank you for holding the door open for them.
  13. This is the nature of our life here on earth and the consequence for our brains being as wondrous as they are. All of our questions are valid if not true because we're doing what's instinctive.

    A.) Is there a God?

    B.) Is evolution true?

    C.) Is there an afterlife?

    The answer to all of the questions above is a resounding yes. The universe is vast beyond the human mind's ability to conceive and the fundamental laws and truths we understand are merely tentative in the light of such a reality. It really fucking pisses me off when elitist assholes pontificate endlessly about how things are but in actuality aside from their ivory towers they're just as frightened as all of us. We're just people that happen to be cast into the unbelievable scheme of life. The universe is big enough for Charles Darwin and The Almighty God by God.

    No one's better than anyone else. We have the gift of imagination, by all means let's use it and do a little dreaming and change the world because the chances of us being here were so remote but here we are.

    We're a fucking glory to behold in the end, that's what matters, that's what real. Flesh against flesh and dreams entwined with dreams.

    O day and night, but this is wondrous strange!

    And therefore as a stranger give it welcome.
    There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
    Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

    ~Hamlet Act 1. Scence V~
  14. I believe there are limitations to our perception
  15. im not planning to see god or anything that intense.. it's just that some of those drugs open one up to new ways of thinking. I've seen many posts on this forum talking about how drugs/weed opened them up in ways that they would've never thought possible. Just by smoking a little ganja, i know something has changed in me. Maitereya actually has a link in his sig that lays down a few guidelines on how to have a spiritual trip with lsd.

    Also, i mentioned that i'm not going to try a mind-altering trip until i feel ready/full as a person. I may be ready in a year or i may be ready in 10 years. Maybe ill wait it out and the urge for this kind of trip will fade away. Im not sure.

    ^i too believe that there are limitations in our perception.
  16. oh i too believe in karma.
    whats the phrase...
    you reap what you sew?
  17. Who do i belive in?

    I belive in myself, And my father.
  18. Same here buddy.
  19. Well, these are my beliefs.

    I believe that being skeptical and doubtful keeps the mind open, because if you are doubting or skeptical about something to be true or false, then you are looking deeper into the situation and not following blindly. Nothing is right nor wrong, unless proven with one-hundred percent proof or overwhelming evidence or disproved completely or has no logical background. I really could not explain to you my full beliefs, because they change very often. I am constantly searching and looking into new things; I like to perpetually fill my brain with knowledge, philosophy and ideas.

    The belief in a deity is a bit different. The belief in a deity is an unfalsifiable hypothesis, in other words, you can't prove it, nor disprove it. I do not believe in a deity myself, and it's not because I think that believing in a deity is ignorant, I don't believe that at all, I'm tolerant, everyone believes what they will believe. It's because I just don't find the belief in a deity to be necessary. Now other people may disagree, but the reason being why I don't believe in a deity, is because I believe in evolution. If a deity did create this universe, but just set everything up in motion, and just let things be without any external interaction, then why call him or her omnipotent and let alone worship him or her?

    The belief in an afterlife is a bit different as well. I have a few theories about the afterlife, the first one being the basic Atheistic belief that nothing happens when you die, your consciousness is erased, everything you knew, loved, thought and felt. All gone, and lives on in memory. My other theory is that it is already scientifically known that when you dream, and moreso when a person is about to die, there is a surge of DMT. People who have used DMT recreationally and for certain spiritual ceremonies have all spoken of the same effects. Being propelled into an egoless existence in an otherwordly dimension where the "self" is merged with energy and ego is stripped, and grand visions are experienced, many of them being indescribable by those who went through it. All have also testified that time did not exist under the influence of DMT. Which is, if you hit the snooze button and fall back asleep for ten minutes, it can seem like you were asleep for hours.
    So, if this is the case, then everyone who faces death will be propelled into that same hallucination, it will seem like an eternity and whenever it ends, it will be of no consequence really. So I view it more on the lines of a stage before complete peace.

    I don't believe in any "one way", I find that to be stripping of free will and knowledge, because people who block themselves off and believe that what they believe is one-hundred percent true never learn. It's the people that are open minded and don't act like they hold all of the answers. Those are the ones that learn.
  20. Do you believe in God?

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