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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by blindmelon19, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. this is something i posted on the thrice board, i wonder if i get a different reaction

    yeah so I'm guessing everybody has heard the statement about condoms being useless about aids. this really made me giggle. the catholic religion has to be the religion that bull shits me the most, and that's the only way I can put it really. it's a fact that as time goes by more and more people are starting to lose there faith in any religion, and I look at the catholic church and all I see is a religion where money is very important. I don't know how the whole thing works but some how they make money off peoples beliefs. So with people losing faith, the church loses its money. So maybe this all ties in with what was said about condoms. Catholics don't tend to use contraception for some reason, maybe its to spread the catholic spawn. Raise a child and force the beliefs on them. Iv noticed a lot of religions have these immature things about them, almost like when you was in primary school pretending to be Robocop or something, whenever I shot the terminator he would claim that he had something about him that makes him win, and me lose. Just like claiming something stupid like saying condoms don't work just so as I would stop using them. And if this was true, I still wouldn't be catholic. So really all I'm trying to say is organised religion is just like a childish game of soldiers.

  2. You should realize by now that the terminator does always win.

  3. haha..... and if not..... he'll be back.

    well condoms are only 99% effective. That 1% could always bite you in the ass :D

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