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What do you act like when your high??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokin&tokin, Mar 14, 2003.


what do u act like when your stoned?!?!?

  1. Laugh alot, at the stupidest shit too...

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  2. just sit and stare

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  3. get anxious, and want to get up to go do stuff

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  4. get really bitchy, and just want to be left alone

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  1. What do you act like when your stoned??????
  2. pot energizes me... almost like speed.
  3. kewl...... i luv weed.... i mostly just sit and stare for like hours, and sometimes i laugh alot, but mostly i just sit in my room and stare at the t.v.(too stoned to understand even what show im watching) and i also like to stare at the stars, now thats some trippy shit....
  4. just depends where im smokin at. If im smokin with other people i dont act or do anything different than i would from when im sober , especially if i smoke at work cause i cant let it show that im high or obviously ill get canned. If im blazin by myself i tend to zone out real easy.
  5. probably a mix between 1.2.&3 depending upon what kind of weed i smoked and what type of mood im in....
  6. split between 1 and 2

  7. pretty much same thing for me.,

    hey cali toker where in cali are you?
  8. i laugh alot..then stare at neat shit. not really shit.
  9. im a lil bit of laughing, acting funny, and just sitting there zoned out. but when im zoned out im always thinking of some crazy shit thats really detailed.
  10. When Im really really monging out I try to analyse everything I do, and quite often write it all down, but then I read it and realise its a big load of shit Ive just written And then I get the giggles... And I sat for about 1/2 hr last time just watching a strip of sunshine coming in my window, it was great like there was no smoke behind it and no smoke infront of it but then there was just this big strip of smoke coming from my was so mellow... Sideshow Bob x
  11. depends, if i am at work sometimes i bust ass, or i just feel like tippy turtle

    but usually i space out and think, if its really good

    i miss the very first time i got high, it was through a bong (once i figured out how to use it correctly) but i sat indian style on the ground, we listened to some queen (not my choice lol ) but we had to leave to watch local bands soon after, but when i stood up., holy fuck, that walk through the hallway and to the door was almost psychedelic feeling, then the drive there i first couldn't stop laughing. Then i said out loud "i am gonna choke to death, why is my mouth all dry" and my friend told me thats normal,, but i was dying of thirst LoL

  12. Northern Cali, Bay Area.
  13. yeah when I smoke the great bud I usually get pretty happy. Like even if I'm in a bad mood it cheers me up and I laugh alot harder. Plus I get horney. If only my husband wanted to have sex........I think I might have to be going lookin' elsewhere. Hey, I'm still in my 20's and a girl has needs! And if they aren't aren't being met well...........
  14. I'd say 1 and 2. But Rather than stare at shit I think I just like to let my mind wonder, just like me in sober life but to a greater extent.

  15. I couldn't have put it better...I do the same thing.
  16. good point to raise,

    when ive had 2 or 3 joints i just piss myself laughing at the most fucked up shit. Then after a few more, in total about 6, i'm fucked and just sit and wathc tv at my best mates house, then go home when i wake up!

    thats the life, and i love living it!
  17. The more I smoke the more chilled out I am. If I only smoke a couple of bowls, I get really happy and silly. When I smoke more, I get really quiet. I like to think about how I feel and a bunch of other crazy shit. I love to get stoned.
  18. It depends what i smoke from

    cone --- energetic and just stupid

    blunt- dead to the world

    bong - on a level of consciousness similar to bear tranq's

    blades- bmxing time or guitars definately guitar

    if i smoke b4 bed i cant go to sleep
    if i smoke during the day i pass out
  19. I act like me, only high :p

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