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    This plant was planted outdoors end of June. I got the seed from some weed I bought i Jamaica. The weed was really good.

    I knew I wasn't allowing enough time for the plant to reach full potential, but figured what the hell.

    Anyway, been flowering since about the 1st week of Sept.

    My questions are:

    Why isn't this plant producing as many pistols as usual?

    Is it getting close to harvest? Trychs still cloudy.
  2. Well you might of gotten a strain that wont bud unless its in tropical weather.
  3. Here they are.
  4. Sorry i am stoned

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  5. More time is my guess look at those thrics and decide no ones plant flowers at the same time so really lookin is the only way to tell. but that bud looks soo nice props man.
  6. ok thanks. i am going to let it go as long as poss. so far we haven't had a freeze here yet. when most of the trychs are amber i am pulling it i guess.
  7. That shit looks DONE! and good!:), If they arent amber yet, they will be real soon. Calyxes are about as fat as they are gonna get and I dont see any white pistils really.

    I just think its not a great yielder, not your fault.
  8. Thanks bro. I think it is an idica mix so i thought it would have been done before now. can the crystals go from cloudy to amber in just a day or two? it only took it a few days to go purple so i guess they cryatals can change quickly too?
  9. Probably take more than a day or two if you want a lot of amber trichomes and you dont have any yet. Once they start turning though, its pretty quick.

    But just looking at it, that shit looks ripe. Might want to wait though, I cant see the trichome heads of course.

    Looks like some nice weed.
  10. so ur bud was green and turned purp that quick from climate change? i thout it was some sick lookin bud from seed. still is but i didint think it was that quick to change colors
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    i honestly don't know. it's pretty funny. i get a bag of dank week in jamaica, had 2 seeds in the bag. i plant one seed and this is what i got.

    if it gets me stoned i will be happy.

    got to be better than this compressed crap i have been smoking lately.1 lb for $550 not bad i say.
  12. looks so nice man, man oh mannnnnnnn:hello::hello::smoking::smoking:
  13. man i sure do like the way a budding mj plant looks.
  14. haha i love the purple tint it has

  15. me too. i accidently broke the tip off one of the lower branches. the bud is drying. can't wait to see how it smokes.

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