What do yo know?

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  1. I do not know, i just am.

  2. You disregarded over half of my post. To believe is to "know", is it not? For if one believes in something, from their perspective, it is then known to be true. How can you disagree with this?

  3. I disregarded which half? Perhaps half of it was meaningless and/or trite? Believing and knowing are two different ideas - notice the two words and their respective intensions.

    To believe something doesn't mean you believe others will also believe it someday as if it's knowledge.
  4. I wonder if you still believe you know nothing?
  5. Don't be selfish; be selfless and gratefull for what you have. Sacrifice can be beautiful. Remind yourself of other's pain and suffering and pay respect for the less fortunate.

    You are lucky to be living. You don't need money or fame to live a full life. Everything is so tiny, and you life is only as important as a cloud of dust in another distant galaxy. You are a small part to something much larger than yourself; priorities are to be made of other's well being. What is given at one time is usually recieved at another. You will all die someday. Make someone happy today and be kind.

  6. I feel that everything is nothing. When you distinguish between the two, I'm just thinking... the difference is 0 or 1. And 0 or 1 are just a single physical switch's orientations in the case of a computer.
  7. I see the purpose in human life, in its entirety, is to accomplish. Why do people do things? Why do they act so that certain things happen? In the hope that what they want to happen will happen, ultimately accomplishing something. Accomplishment is my perception of human habitation. We are born, we accomplish, we die.
  8. the only thing i know is that i know nothing at all. i have perspective of what is or isnt, but nothing is certain.
  9. I truly believe god exists, not as a personified-greatness, but as a collective whole of all that is, was, and will be. What we experience right now is more than just a compilation of senses transcribed and miraculously remembered by our brain. We experience being part of a collective whole, whether the group be people, life or the universe in general. Interactions between energy, atoms or whatever you wanna call it will continue even after my ability to sense their presence is gone. So, to me, being able to recognize the difference between my mortality here and this grand interaction is irrelevant. "My" specific combination of molecules will always continue to exist whether it be through a physical form or just energy.


    Energy is equal to mass times the constant of light squared. We are energy. Thanks Einstein:)
  10. destiny is set by every choice you make.
  11. Love exists.

    Love is ultimately the most meaningful thing in my life.

    My "goals of life" are to love, be loved, share love, and help people. The end. :)
  12. Where do you get off saying these?
    Not trying to flame, but "we will all eventually be perfect?" :confused:
  13. Im guessing you dont believe in Heaven?
  14. See my signature. That's all I really know for sure.
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  15. No, I don't. I thought this was a discussion on things we know, not things we believe.

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