What do yo know?

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  1. I want this thread to be a place where you share the most important thing/s you know.

    I will start it off.

    -Everything is perspective.

    -You dont realize how much you love someone or something, until they are gone.

    -We are only as strong as how strong we believe ourself to be.

    Ok people, please feel free to ask me or someone else to elaborate on any truth shared.
  2. I know I don't know anything.
  3. its hard to know anything. ill go as far as to claim the following:

    i know everything about myself
    i know a lot about eating disorders
    i know some about marijuana [use, pros, cons, pieces, strains, etc.]
  4. Not a damn thing. I will continue to work hard to know something, yet, as minds wiser than myself have proven, chances are I will still know nothing.

    Face life objectively, live kindly, and cultivate inner peace.
  5. I know a bunch of useless shit. Meaningful and important knowledge eludes me.
  6. i know it's been said, but all i know is that i know nothing.

    now, there are many things i FEEL and many things i BELIEVE, but there's a huge difference between Knowing and feeling and believing.
  7. There is an external world.

    This too.

  8. this. ^

  9. You are a fool then. That statement is contradicting, isnt it?
  10. knowledge paradox
    how does one know anything until one knows everything?

    perhaps the things we dont know would change it all, after all the world was flat

    how does one know everything?

    you cant know everything, because you wouldnt know what is left to know
  11. I know nothing.

    Everything contradicts.
  12. far as i can tell
  13. Do you not know your own name?
  14. Almost everything has an opposite.

    Good is better than evil.

    There are two paths you can go by.

    We will all eventually be perfect.
  15. I know i love peanut butter and my dog,

    i frequently rely on marijuana to enhance my life:smoke:

    and i want to be satisfied with the life i lived when i am on my death bed.

  16. I said I know nothing.
    Not that I don't know anything.

    There is a difference.
  17. What is your definition of nothing?
  18. "Tightest links are those
    You tie around your own world"
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  20. There is no difference when referring to nothing as "the absence of anything."
    If you know nothing, you can't know your name because that would be something.

    If you were referring to nothing as "something itself" I'll be the first to implore you elaborate what you know about what "nothing" is.

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