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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dj9ten, May 7, 2011.

  1. This is my new grow room set up.....it has 2 120 mm exhaust fans....so far i have 4 23w 6500k CFLS.....is this enough light for my 4 plants ? (I also bought a oscillating fan that I'm goin 2 let run around the bottom to cool lights & keep air moving....do I still need a intake hole?
  2. Let me rephrase that....it's a grow box approx 1'6" wide 1'8" long & 2"+ tall.......
  3. Short answer - yes.

    More light would help too. With CFLs, you need about double that for 4 plants when they grow a little. (I use 6 x 23W for one plant usually - 2 above and 4 around the sides to promote branching.)

    The rule of thumb is 100W for the first plant and 50W per plant thereafter. (That's a minimum.)
  4. What about the intake?? Should I cut a hole at the bottom & place the oscillating fan In front of it? Or just place the fan in the bottom?
  5. Best to put the oscillating fan inside the cabinet AND cut holes near the top and bottom, with an exhaust fan mounted in the top one, blowing the air out. Have a good look around the site at other setups.

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