What do y'all think of this weed?

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    I live in Alabama so I obviously don't have direct access to medical / recreational weed from a dispensary. However, "street weed" really has no limits. Hell, the stuff you buy on the street could've come from a dispensary (not to mention, weed's a plant. If someone's mastered the growing, it's good stuff. Doesn't have to be from a dispensary).

    Anyways, the reason I'm posting is because I've never really been able to compare weed quality.
    Since there's people on here that HAVE been able, I want your honest opinion. Would you call this high grade weed? Would you have paid this much for it? What grade would you call it (schwagg, reg, mid, beaster, loud, dank)? And based on the info, do you think you might have an idea of what strain it might've been, if any? (I admit, it's very long, but please read it all so I can get accurate feedback). But first, here's all the details.

    This is a picture of what was left of a quarter that I bought in December. I paid $115 for it. It completely stuffed the cigarette box it was stored in. It was also wrapped in saran-wrap. When my friend and I drove back to my apartment, the smell just assaulted our nostrils. It smelled like weed (u know, weed usually has that distinct smell) with a strong mix of a skunky smell. Almost like a skunk had got loose in the car but it smelled good. When we got back to my apartment, I opened the bag and my other friend could smell the skunk/weed smell hard from all the way across the room. This stuff was fluffy yet dense. When I broke it up into my grinder, it made clean cuts from just tearing it with my hands, was slightly sticky, but retained it's bud shape until I mushed it all into the grinder (it was a nice Mendo grinder btw). The ground weed smelled like really delicious fruit punch.

    And here's a picture of the bong I smoked out of. 18 inch with 2 honeycombs and some other thing at the top. $275 but got it on sale for $225 (if I remember right) from a local smokeshop.
    The weed mushed perfectly into the bowl. I used a cigar torch and lit her up. I had literally just bought that bong an hour ago and tried to imitate a rip like Jolie Olie from CustomGrow420 and it was the biggest rip I had ever taken. I surprisingly didn't cough at first but went into a fit 20 seconds later (didn't have ice in the ice catcher). I had never really gotten a taste from weed before but this stuff tasted fruit punch / cherry. Not like fruit punch in smoke form but you could taste it.

    It had been 3 months since I last smoked (hell yeah it was a long 3 months haha). After that one hit I was stoned but not quite blazed. 3 months prior I don't know if it was tolerance, bad weed or what but it took me 4 bowls off a small bong to get blazed.

    My friend Ryan and I decided to go get some ice (I had just moved in and didn't have any). It was about a minute after I hit the bong and I was already pretty high. I was stoned by the time we started driving around and it took an hour just to get ice cuz I could barely function. We almost went back to the apartment before I realized we forgot the ice XD Ryan got us some Taco Bell and we went to Walmart to get munchies for everyone else blazing back at my place.

    Throughout the next week I was smokin this stuff almost everyday with friends. 2 bowls split 3 ways was enough to get us baked. One time with 3 other bros we all shared 3 bowls and one of them was completely couch locked for 3 hours straight. I remember at one point he was just like, "holy shit bud! I've never been this fucked up before!" and later described the experience as hearing my other friend and I talk but not comprehending anything til 30 seconds after it passed. This weed made most of my friends energetic and social, some got hardcore couchlock, and others just got baked.

    The last of this was 3 bowls to myself and another friend (other 2 guys didn't smoke). An hour into the sesh I started to straight up trip. I saw a black background with a white outlined dragon like something you'd see in a Chinese restaurant. I started to freak out and had to turn off the lights cuz they were making me freak out for some reason. I even started hearing a ringing in my ears so loud I had to put ear plugs in... yeah not pleasant. Keep in mind, my anxiety levels were pretty high around this time cuz none of my other friends experienced this. In retrospect, it was anxiety with too much stuff going on cuz I've smoked since then and was just fine.

    SO based on all this info, just tell me what you think of this weed. Thanks!
  2. Not sure how you expect us to answer... Sharing is caring then we'll tell you

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  3. I wonder what people are thinking before they post stuff..
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  4. Lol............ What?

    You want us to tell you if the weeds dank by a bad nug shot and a short story haha
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  6. Basically just tell me what u think of the quality (schwagg, reg, mid, loud) based on the picture and description. Also if u think $115 for a quarter of it in Alabama was a good deal.
    (Sorry for the double reply. I'm new to grasscity).
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  7. Your picture is blurry so its hard to tell but it looks decent. 115 for a quarter is nonsense though.
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  8. Yeah the prices around here are insane. The cheapest ounce I ever found was $280
  9. Haha idk. Just kinda wanted to see what others think i guess
  10. Let's make this simple

    Did the weed get you high?

    I'd say it's good weed

    I'd say it's bad weed

    ...I remember my first bowl
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  11. That's how expensive it was where I used to live. I paid $60 an 1/8th. Anyone cheaper usually had crappy product. I know some people that paid $400 a zone lolololol

    But like everyone is saying, it's hard to tell from just a picture. I have some of the ganj right now that looks like dried out shit. But it smokes great and the high is excellent.

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  13. weed seems fine it's a terrible picture but by the glint on the buds you can tell it's frosty. it looks like commercial but the flowers themselves sound good.

    the price tho, that's just insanely terrible.
  14. I usually feel the same way. I was just curious to what others thought
  15. holy crap, those are canadian prices, no joke. with the exchange rate what it is, you should be getting a way better deal
  16. This was from one of my old dealers. She always had pretty good stuff but INSANE prices. Tried to charge me $70 for an EIGHTH one time no joke! :eek: barley talked her down to $65 so i didn't buy it.

    I've got several new dealers lined up. Been waiting on the right opportunity to buy from em (mainly saving money lol :coolalt:) I'll have some new posts with some better deals. I'm pretty confident with this one dude I'm friends with. Told me, "none of that bullshit. I'm here to get u a good deal". Can't wait :RoorRip::love-m3j:
  17. You can tell a lot from a shitty quality pic imo. It looks at least semi-dank. Price wise i live in CA for $120 i expect my sandwich bag to be filled to the top. Everyone hates on people who try to ask what grade their bud is, but i was always curious as a new smoke so i show some empathy
  18. Ok cool thx. Yeah I know west coast prices kick ass. I've seen maps with prices per oz. Btw ur avatar... i freakin LOVE trailer park boys! Especially when baked haha :smoking:
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  19. Its pretty nice. Im always running out of weed & broke so i got sympathy for you guys in the east. & hell yeah. Lim jahey has to be my fav character
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  20. Aaaww I'm not a fan of Lahey but he does crack me up. Bubbles is my favorite hands down :roflmao:
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