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Discussion in 'General' started by Bud Head, Mar 29, 2002.


A new forum for problems

  1. Yes we need it

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  2. maybe it would be good

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  3. Na it'll add to much clutter to the board

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  4. Don't care

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  1. Should we have a forum for personal problems and health problems?

    A place for people to talk about personal or health problems where you can get advice or just talk about what is wrong.

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  2. wooohooo im 100% yay... but ya i think it would be a pretty decent forum idunno if its an absolute yes though because it might just get things confused because a lot of the posts in other forums have to do with problems or questions or things like that......
  3. It's always cool to have a friendly ear when faced with Medical problems. That's one thing that has drawn me to this site in the first place, The warm, caring Blades that reside here!!! A separate forum might avoid conflicts with threads in other forums. You just NEVER know when a kind word from afar can affect your attitude, which in turn, can affect your health!! And you also can NEVER tell where you might pick up a helpful bit of advice!!! And most importantly, Herb is one of the most healing, useful, natural, medicines on the planet, so I'm sure all at the CITY may gain some insight thru a forum of this type.
  4. Im in for it, As long as 1) people have health problems and 2) someone is intelligent to either answer them or find the info. It could be a caluable resource. =)

  5. It would be a great place for those that have ailments to share info about how marijuana helps in their daily lives.
    Also those that use medical marijuana can reach others with beneficial facts, not to mention the support that everyone gives in this forum is amazing and sometimes people need to talk to people that wont tell them what they need to do but instead will provide a listening ear.
  6. i'm all for it!
    why not get advice from the stoners who "know" us best?
    the only issue i'd think would arise, is giving actual medical advice if not a doctor. maybe a disclaimer upon entering the site for the first time saying "none of these people are actually physicians, etc"?
    or maybe we're all too smart for that :D
    i say it's a great idea.
  7. My Idea was not so much as marijuanna issues but health or life issues in general. There are people here who have had problems in the past that could give sound advice to the people that are having the same problem now.

    It's just a thought that was going through my mind.

  8. And a Damn good'un Imo! Hope you're feeling better guy!!!!
  9. I was just thinking about this again. I looked through alot of post and there was several post about health issues and personal issues.
  10. Yeah good idea Bud Head, I say we open it ASAP !

  11. As long as the people who answer questions about health problems know what there talking about. And as long as everyone at grasscity knows that not everyone who answering questions is a doctor. It could be cool.

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